10 Examples of Cause-Effect Paragraphs

The cause-effect paragraphs They are those in which an event or a phenomenon and its causes, motives or reasons are stated. Generally, the event is mentioned first and then the causes, but the structure can be reversed.

A paragraph is a coherent unit of text that is made up of one or more sentences, beginning with a capital letter and ending with a full stop. The texts are organized in such a way that each paragraph deals with a central topic.

Cause-effect paragraphs consist of two distinct parts:

To correctly distinguish the cause from the effect, it is advisable to use causal connectors (for example: because of, because, well), consequence connectors (for example: so, hence, therefore) or phrases that introduce causes and consequences (for example: the causes of this phenomenon are, this event occurs because, the reasons for this fact are).

Cause-Effect Paragraph Examples

  1. Neoclassical authors believed that art was a means to educate and moralize the public. In addition, they considered that literature served to spread the ideas of the Enlightenment and scientific knowledge. For this reason, the most produced genres in this movement were fables, philosophical prose and essays.
  2. Migration is a process that consists of the displacement of a population from one place to another. This phenomenon occurs because migrants find themselves in areas where there are armed conflicts or social, political and/or economic crises or where natural or environmental disasters have occurred and they decide or are forced to move to another geographical area. However, some people move to other countries for work or emotional reasons.
  3. The French Revolution began on May 5, 1789 and ended on November 9, 1799. This event occurred for social, political, and economic reasons. On the social level, many people were in poverty and the inequality between estates was very pronounced. In relation to politics, the people and the intellectuals wanted a freer, more democratic and representative regime to replace absolutism. As for the economy, there was great industrial growth, but the bourgeoisie disagreed with the payment of taxes to the clergy and nobles.
  4. The fall of the Western Roman Empire occurred in 476 AD. C. Although historians list multiple causes for this phenomenon, the most prominent are the political crisis, since the emperors did not retain their position for a long time; the military and territorial crisis, characterized by the vast power of the military and by invasions by other peoples; the economic crisis, caused by the uncontrolled increase in prices; and ruralization, which consisted of massive migrations from the countryside to the city.
  5. The panda bear is in danger of extinction. The reasons for the considerable reduction of individuals of this species are deforestation, which causes these animals to lose their natural habitat and their main food, bamboo cane; illegal hunting, which decreased considerably, but not completely; and global warming, which generates considerable changes in the climate and in the environment of these mammals.
  6. In the last six months, the production of goods and services in the industrial, agricultural and entertainment sectors has grown considerably. In addition, domestic consumption and investment in national companies have increased. For these and other reasons that will be explained later, in the last semester the GDP has increased by 12.7%.
  7. In various neighborhoods of the country, many streets and avenues woke up flooded. First of all, this happened because there was a big storm. But other factors also contributed to the occurrence of this inconvenience: the overflow of piped rivers and the clogging of the pluvial network.
  8. The main river of this municipality has reached the highest level of contamination in its entire history. This has occurred because there are no firm laws regulating the dumping of waste by the industrial sector. In addition, the dumping of pesticides and garbage, fuel spillage and maritime traffic are other reasons that intensified water pollution.
  9. Anemia is the decrease in red blood cells present in the blood. This condition can be the consequence of various factors, such as a lack of vitamins, iron or folic acid; A bad diet; the consumption of certain analgesics or medicines; age; congenital pathologies and chronic or autoimmune diseases.
  10. According to a survey, the majority of the population uses light, water, electricity, gas and fuel on a daily basis, but not always consciously. Many people do not know how energy should be used so as not to produce waste. In addition, they are unaware of the causes and consequences of an energy crisis. Therefore, it is necessary to train and inform the entire population about the importance of responsible consumption of these resources.
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