11 Characteristics of Narcissistic People

narcissism It is a personality disorder that consists of an exaggerated love and admiration for oneself.. It is considered a psychological disorder, since it can severely affect people’s lives.

Next, we will describe some of the characteristics of narcissistic people.

They think they are better than others


Narcissistic individuals believe that they are superior to other people. They assume that they have gifts or qualities that make them special people. In fact, if they are not treated according to the status they believe they deserve, they feel mistreated and humiliated. Hence their constant and obsessive concern to show others that they are better than them.

They want to be the center of attention


Narcissists are egomaniacs, which is why they always want to be the center of attention and do nothing but talk about themselves. They feel superior and expect others to admire and praise them for it. They need constant attention, as they have low self-esteem.

They are charming at first


At first, narcissistic people are charming, as they have a great facility to win over others. However, over time things change. Because intimacy is difficult for them, their friendships and romantic relationships are short-lived.

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They are manipulative


Narcissists like to manipulate people, mostly because they believe that others are only there to satisfy their wants and needs. For this, they are considered manipulation artists.

They lack empathy


Narcissistic individuals are not empathic. In fact, they have a hard time putting themselves at each other’s feet and understanding their feelings and emotions. For that reason, they can come off as inconsiderate or emotionally distant.

they are envious


Narcissistic people are envious of others, of what they have or have achieved. Hence, they often show arrogant or arrogant attitudes towards the people around them.

They don’t like to take orders


Narcissists do not like to take orders, especially from other people whom they consider inferior or mediocre. For this reason, they are also tireless and competitive at work, as they do not tolerate not having control over others. Hence, narcissists are good at leading.

They appear invulnerable


A narcissistic person avoids being vulnerable or being discovered in feelings such as sadness or anxiety. She considers that vulnerability is for the weak, and she is not willing to show such a symptom of inferiority; It is not in accordance with the image of herself that she has formed and intends to project.

See also Vulnerability.

They do not accept criticism


Narcissistic individuals hate being criticized or contradicted, which is why they experience very intense feelings, such as anger, rage or anxiety when they hear comments that they do not like.

they are vain


Narcissists often have a caring appearance. They pay a lot of attention to their dress and their appearance. The excessive admiration they feel for themselves translates into a remarkable aspect.

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no one is good enough for them

man and mirror

Narcissistic people ultimately believe that no one is good enough for them. In their relationships they always have the idea that the other is never up to them. With friends, he is too demanding, does not accept comments that he does not like and is easily offended. Therefore, their personal relationships usually do not last long.