5 Examples of Equality in Society

Equality in society ensures the right of every citizen, regardless of their social class, place of residence, sex, race or religion, to demand the same treatment, the same opportunities and the same obligations in the same situation.

Equality in society or social equality is an inseparable part of social justice.

Its function is to intervene in situations or factors that cause discrimination, intolerance and inequality to avoid repeating the mistakes of injustice in the history of humanity such as slavery or xenophobia.

Universal suffrage

equality suffrage

Universal suffrage is the right to vote for all citizens of legal age in a country and is an example of equality in society, since it allows each individual to be part of the political process of the country to which they belong, the basis of all democracy. .

See also Suffrage.

Right to health

health equality

Health is a fundamental human right that is included within the right to life. Health for all is an example of equal conditions for citizens of a society.

See also Human rights.

Education rights

equality education

Access to an education system for all is an example of equality in a society. Education is a fundamental right of every individual, since it is necessary for freedom of thought and the acquisition of basic skills to create socio-affective well-being.

Freedom of expression

equality expression

The right to express oneself freely without suffering censorship by pressure from organs of power is an example of equality in society.

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Freedom of expression can never be denied for reasons of discrimination or censorship. Equality of expression protects diversity and tolerance, important values ​​for a society.

access to justice

equality justice

The equal access of all citizens to the right to protection is an example of equality in a society.

For example, the creation of consumer defense organizations is a way in which the parties involved in a commercial transaction can have equality in terms of rights and protection.

See also Justice.