7 Examples That Cultural Diversity is Great

Cultural diversity refers to the variety of cultures that interact and coexist in the same geographical space that is shared by a large number of peopleable to recognize and differentiate one from another.

Cultural diversity is part of our daily activities and allows us to identify ourselves as individuals and social groups through cultural manifestations. Diversity broadens our knowledge and offers a better way of understanding others through their customs and traditions.

Here are some everyday examples that make cultural diversity cool.

Cultural diversity in education


Ana is in first grade and her classroom is made up of twenty students. However, three companions descend from foreign families from China, Italy and Brazil, for this reason their names and surnames are different from the rest.

It is very fun because, although everyone speaks Spanish, with his friends he can learn different words and expressions in Chinese, Italian and Brazilian, expanding his vocabulary and knowledge and strengthening interculturality.

Gastronomic cultural diversity


Shopping centers have a food area where you can find a wide variety of restaurant chains that offer different gastronomic menus typical of different countries.

For this reason, many people like to go to these spaces, in order to taste a different menu than the one they are used to eating at home. Therefore, it can be seen how a group of friends who share the same table taste different typical foods.

religious cultural diversity

buddhism diversity religion

There are a large number of religions and religious practices in the world. Each social group puts into practice its particular religion and even invites others to learn and learn more about their faith, without this implying a religious transformation. On the contrary, it is about recognizing the existence of other types of faith different from ours. Buddhism, for example, is one of the most tolerant religions in the world.

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Cultural diversity of cinema


Cinema is one of the richest artistic expressions in terms of cultural diversity, both because of the subject of the film and because of its performers. Through the cinema, films have been produced on social, cultural, religious, political and environmental issues that expose in one way or another realities different from ours.

For example, many documentaries have the purpose of making known different cultural expressions, stories, realities, among others, that are unknown due to lack of information or disclosure.

musical cultural diversity


Music is one of the cultural expressions most appreciated by human beings. In each country, region or town there is a musical composition that identifies the people who belong to a community through a particular musical genre, rhythm and lyrics.

Through music, stories are told that pass from generation to generation as part of their cultural identity. Likewise, many of these musical compositions are accompanied by typical dances.

Cultural diversity through sport


The Olympic Games, World Cups, national cups, regional championships, among others, are activities that allow contact of a large number of people, not only between athletes, coaches or technical team, but also the public.

Sports bring together a large number of people who, for a moment, are identified by the passion of supporting their favorite team or athlete, without distinction of any kind.

Cultural diversity and globalization

globalization communication diversity

Globalization has been a process that has promoted cultural diversity through numerous mechanisms, wide markets, industrialization, among others.

This fact has resulted in the mobilization of millions of people who have left their homes for other cities or countries, in search of better employment and a better quality of life.

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Hence, in the same city there are people from different countries, with cultures and traditions foreign to the place they now inhabit. This, in turn, has allowed the formation of new bonds of friendship and family in which cultural diversity can be combined without major obstacles.

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