70 Examples of Analogies

An analogy is a process that establishes a resemblance relationship between different elements that share some characteristic in common.

This resource is widely used in fields such as linguistics, philosophy, law or literature.

In literature, there are rhetorical or literary figures, such as simile, metaphor and allegory, that use analogy, through the relationship of concepts that can be real or abstract.

analogies in similes

The simile or comparison is a type of analogy that is characterized by establishing an explicit relationship of similarity between the elements that compose it.

1. The old age it’s like him winter of the life.

2. He spoke in key codeas in a riddle.

3. was wrathfulas a volcano.

4. The glasses they’re like Canes for the view.

5. drank came as if Water.

6. He loves booksit’s like a Library mouse.

7. The NBA it’s like the UEFA of basketball.

8. Boat it’s like sea airplane it is air

9. The green indicates safety, just as red indicates danger.

10. A mayor it’s like him President from a town.

11. A verse of the Bible is like the paragraph of a book.

12. A hat it’s like a glove for the head.

13. Every Project new was like a son for her.

14. Go to worked it was like a nightmare.

15. Hair golden As the sun.

16. Tea I cried as a river.

17. slept as a baby.

18. Tea love like me life.

19. The meteorite passed like a fire bird.

twenty. They they eat like beasts.

21. I am luckyI live like one Queen.

22. The baby was wrapped as a Tamale.

analogies in metaphors

The metaphor is a literary figure that relates two concepts by similarity or difference, although this relationship is not literal.

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23. The Mister is my Shepherd

24. I it rains the proposals of work

25. It’s time to settle Y settle down

26. “cold As the wind, dangerous As the sea”.

27. The pilots they are ours eyes in the air.

28. Your hair it was one jungle inhospitable

29. Listening to that song put it sad; she was a stab in the heart.

30. Any news the shudderedhad a character crystal.

31. She was the star of the night, the better dancer.

32. Your words were sharp.

33. I’m in the flower of the life.

3. 4. fulfilled fifteen springs.

35. I will stay quietI am a grave.

36. My lightbulbI already have the idea!

37. looks that they kill.

38. Your laughter it was music for my ears.

39. That money it is water falling from the sky.

40. I sit in the cloudsam happy.

41. She is always distractedon the Moon.

42. Margaret Thatcher was strictI had iron hand.

43. Everyone thinks he is a meek lambbut it’s actually cruel.

44. You have to drop that armor and express your feelings.

45. My grandmother was a sun.

46. ​​The life it’s a carnival.

47. East came it’s a nectar of gods.

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analogies in allegories

Allegory is a type of analogy that uses the figurative sense to represent abstract ideas. It is a kind of extended metaphor that continues throughout a narrative text.


Life as a journey towards redemption: the Divine Comedy is a 16th century poem written by Dante Alighieri. It narrates the journey of Dante (the protagonist) to hell, purgatory and heaven, where he meets his beloved.

There an analogy is made between the journey to these three divine instances and a journey of self-discovery in which the protagonist knows the despair of sin, the hope of purification and redemption.


poetry personified: In the verses of “La Poesía”, by Eugenio Montejo, an analogy is made between poetry and a human being who visits us and gives us a beautiful detail.

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Poetry crosses the earth alone,
support your voice in the pain of the world
and nothing asks
not even words.

It comes from afar and without time, it never warns;
has the key to the door.
Entering always stop to watch us.
Then he opens his hand and gives us
a flower or a pebble, something secret,
but so intense that the heart beats
too fast. And we woke up.


Eros and psyche and trust in love: the myth of Eros (who personifies love) and Psyche (the soul) is a story written in the 2nd century AD by Apuleius. Although both loved each other, Psyche was forbidden to see the face of her husband. By defying the gods and looking at him, she was sentenced to a series of punishments. It is an allegory that relates “not seeing” with the trust that must exist in a love relationship. It is also an analogy of the union of feeling (Eros) with reason (Psyche).


The dry leaf and old age: The poem “Hoja seca” by the Spanish poet Juan Nicasio Gallego is an analogy between a withered leaf heading to an uncertain destination (death) and old age.

Lonely dry leaf
that I saw so lush yesterday,
where dust cover
are you going to stop? -I do not know.

Far from the native bouquet
the cruel wind drags me
from the valley to the hill,
from the sandbank to the orchard.

I go where the wind takes me
resigned to know
that neither sighs nor pleas
they must temper their arrogance.

Daughter of a poor mastic,
i go where they go too
the presumption of the rose,
the pride of the laurel.


Life as a game Chess: In this fragment of Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, the chess pieces are related to the roles that we assume as human beings. At the end of the game, all the pieces have the same destination (go to a bag), just as all people have a common ending: death.

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[…] Nice comparison! said Sancho, “although not so new that I haven’t heard it many and many times, like that of the game of chess, that, while the game lasts, each piece has its particular trade; and, at the end of the game, they all mix, join and shuffle, and find them in a bag, which is like finding life in the grave […]

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Cause-effect analogies

53. The oxygen it is iron rustywhat the infection is to fever.

54. The love bring peaceAs the hatred bring war.

Analogies of the part for the whole

55. The helmet is to armorWhat capital this column.

56. A soldier is to armyas a pawn is to Chess.

Analogies by synonymy

57. Handsome this beautifulwhat copious this abundant.

58. City this cityWhat jungle this jungle.

Analogies by antonym

59. Weak this strongwhat coward this brave.

60. She was himlight and darkas the night and day.

Analogies by product

61. Musician this music sheetWhat potter this vessel.

62. A apothecary this drugwhat a worker this building.

Analogies by characteristic

63. The date this sweet as the chilli this spicy.

64. The tea what is a tasteAs the coffee this smell.

Analogies by reciprocity

65. Pupil this teacherwhat grandchild this grandfather.

66. A hive it’s at beesas a anthill it’s at ants.

Sequence Analogies

67. September this AugustWhat night this afternoon.

68. The puppies are to dogsLike the you drink are to humans.

Analogies by location

69. The motorcycle is to freewayas a rocket to the space.

70. Dolphin this seaWhat camel this desert.

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