8 Examples of Argumentative Texts

An argumentative text is one that is used to argue, demonstrate, or convince by exposing a series of reasons that serve to support an opinion.

Argumentative texts are used in various areas such as academic, political, or advertising, etc. Below we will see examples of texts paying attention to their structure (thesis, argumentation and conclusion) and their different purposes.

1. Advertising text

The argumentative text intended for advertising aims to convince potential consumers of the benefits of the product or service in question.

By exposing the qualities, we try to instill in the reader the need to acquire what is advertised.

If stress and monotony consume you, allow yourself to live and travel to Costa Borissa. (Thesis)

Costa Borissa is a coastal town located in the southwest of the country. With more than 800 kilometers of coastline at your disposal so that the sun and the breeze soothe the stress of the whole year.
Numerous shops, restaurants and a wide cultural offer will make your stay entertaining and interesting. Local jewelry and crafts, delicious regional delicacies and outdoor performing arts are just a few of our suggestions. (Argumentation)

Come to Costa Borissa, you will feel on a cloud from which you will not want to come down. (conclusion)

2. Social advertising

It is a type of advertising text whose purpose is to persuade the reader, but not for pure commercial interest, but to raise awareness or sensitize about some fact that affects an important part of the population.

Summer burns, but not your skin. (Thesis)

Try to avoid exposure to sunlight in the hottest hours, use a protective cream with a factor that suits the needs of your skin. Increase your hydration level and consumption of foods rich in water, such as fruits and vegetables. (Argumentation)

Exposure to UV rays without adequate protection can cause skin lesions, premature aging and other ailments in the dermis. (conclusion)

3. Political speech

It is a type of argumentative text, usually expressed orally. It is used in the political scene and is intended to convince potential voters and ensure the vote of supporters.

We have to help each other; human beings are like that. (Thesis)

We have progressed very quickly, but we have imprisoned ourselves. Machinism, which creates abundance, leaves us in need. Our knowledge has made us cynical. Our intelligence, hard and dry. We think too much, we feel very little. More than machinery we need more humanity. More than intelligence, having goodness and sweetness.[…] (Argumentation)

In the name of democracy, let us use that power by acting together. Let us fight for a new, dignified and noble world that guarantees men a job, a future for youth and security for old age. Let’s all fight to free the world. To break down national barriers, to eliminate ambition, hatred and intolerance. […] (conclusion)

Fragments of the final speech of the film “The great Dictator(1940), by Charlie Chaplin.

4. Opinion Column

An opinion column is a journalistic text in which the author expresses his opinion about a topic and tries to penetrate the reader, generate a reaction in him.

I admit it, I’m still watching TV.[…] But most of the programs I watch are from Canal Cocina or Decasa. […] What surprised me about the second channel mentioned, the Decasa channel, is a program made in Spain called “Amazing minipisos”. Basically it is another attempt to disguise precariousness and necessity as something cool. (Thesis)

[…] a person, who looks like a smoke seller, shows flats of less than 50 meters and tries to convince us of all its benefits and how well the space is used. All accompanied by an off-screen narration that enthusiastically tells us how nice it is to live in a dungeon. […] A nice hideaway, where you have to eat, work and almost sleep in the same place, yes, but with precious details, wallpaper and a colorful Ikea sofa. The trick, it seems, is to pour sauce until you forget that the food is rotten. (Argumentation)

[…] We must also defend housing as a basic necessity and assume that not everything goes. That they cannot make a spectacle out of necessity. […] But if they put the same effort into improving material conditions as they did in trivializing the precarious life of many people, another rooster would crow. […](conclusion)

Post snippets amazing minions, by Toni Mejias. Public Newspaper, Opinion section. January 8, 2022. https://blogs.publico.es/memento/2022/01/08/minizulos-asombrosos/

5. Editorial article

The editorial article is part of the argumentative texts in the area of ​​journalism. It is a text that presents an opinion on a topic of general interest with the aim of guiding readers and influencing their opinion.

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The editorial article collects the ideas of the medium that publishes it, not the personal opinion of the person who writes it.

The words of the Minister of Education, Ángel Hernández, are simple but important. The child must learn to read and write. In addition, he announced that next school year the performance of teachers and regional directors will be evaluated based on the results shown by schoolchildren. […] (Thesis)

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of all phases of education […] It’s fundamental. What is not measured cannot be improved, say specialists. Hence the importance of the National Tests and other international reports in which the country participates and which measure both student learning and the teaching capacity of the school from which they come. (Argumentation)

Involve the family in the school, choose the best prepared teachers, depoliticize the ministry and the ADP (Dominican Association of Teachers). Put the student at the center of all actions, of all plans. (conclusion)

Learn to read. Editorial published by Diario Libre, 08/12/2022https://www.diariolibre.com/opinion/editorial/2022/08/11/los-ninos-tienen-que-aprender-a-leer/2003530

6. Literary essay

It is a type of text used by authors to develop ideas and present their opinions on very diverse topics.

The talkers.

I come from a human time, increasingly remote, in which talking was the gift, the privilege and the most commendable custom. (Thesis)

[…]I have learned to recognize from afar the members of this kind of increasingly meager sect that we could call the talkers. There is no need for paperwork, credentials, or records to be a good conversationalist. The only sign is in the ease with which they become close and discover their emotions, their doubts, regrets and projects like someone who reels off a rosary. Impudent and disproportionate, they become invulnerable, because they share everything that is theirs. (Argumentation)

Before swimming, eating, sleeping or any other similar pleasure, the conversationalists prefer to exchange words. (conclusion)

the illuminated world. Angeles Mastretta.

7. Philosophical text

It deals with philosophical questions with the intention of providing answers and solutions, therefore, they propose a thesis that they have to support and defend.

True happiness.

The happy life is, therefore, the one that is in accordance with its nature. […] (Thesis)

which can only happen if, first, the soul is healthy and in constant possession of its health; secondly, if it is energetic and fiery, magnanimous and patient, adaptable to circumstances, […] attentive to the other things that are useful for life, without admiring any of them; if she uses the gifts of fortune, without being a slave to them. (Argumentation)

[…] a constant tranquility and freedom is born from it, once the things that irritate or terrify us are removed; […] A great unshakable and constant joy comes to us, and at the same time peace and harmony of the soul and magnanimity with gentleness, for all ferocity proceeds from weakness. (conclusion)

about happiness. Seneca. Chap. III.

The legal texts are those used in legal matters. Its objective is to demonstrate something through proven facts, intervene in a legal dispute, defend one of the parties involved, etc.

Court of First Instance No. 2 of Villaplana

File No. 52874/32 E

Doña Patricia Chacón, lawyer number 7643 of the Illustrious Bar Association, I appear before this court and announce that on May 18, 2020 I have been notified of judgment number 320 that dismisses the lawsuit imposed by my client, Roberto Hernández. I formulate this APPEAL on the following: (Thesis)


The termination of the employment contract that Compañía Internacional de Valija, SL maintained with my client, was communicated within a period shorter than that stipulated by law in these cases.

Under article 23 of the Collective Agreement, the communication had to be made with a minimum of 90 days notice. (Argumentation)

For all of the above, I request the court to admit this appeal for processing and issue a new sentence that annuls the previous one. (conclusion)

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