Complex Meaning

What is Complex:

A complex can be union of two or more things to form a wholecan refer to something that is made up of different elements, or to something complicated or difficult.

The word, as such, comes from the Latin complexuspast participle of complete, which means ‘bind’. Hence, the term complex refers to linking or joining different things.

Another meaning of the term complex refers to the set of establishments or facilities that have a common activitysuch as a residential complex, an industrial complex or a university complex.

complex in psychology

A complex, in psychology, refers to the set of ideas, emotions and tendencies that are repressed in an individual, and that are related to a trauma or an experience lived in the past.

Complexes influence people’s behavior and life in general. Examples of complexes are the Oedipus complex, Electra, Narcissus, inferiority, superiority, castration, among others.

Oedipus complex

In psychoanalytic theory, the Oedipus complex is one according to which a child, in his early stage of psychosexual development, feels attraction towards the opposite-sex parent and feelings of hostility and jealousy towards the same-sex parent, whom he sees as competition.

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Electra complex

In psychology, the Electra complex is one that a girl suffers during the stage of psychosexual development. It is characterized because she develops an unconscious sexual desire towards her father and jealousy towards her mother.

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Superiority complex

The unconscious mechanism through which a person seeks to compensate for their inferiority complex by exaggerating or overestimating their virtues, abilities and qualities is known as a superiority complex.

People with a superiority complex are characterized by being vain and proud, by their susceptibility and tendency to belittle others and their opinions.

Inferiority complex

In the inferiority complex, an individual manifests or harbors the belief that he is worth less than other people. Those who suffer from an inferiority complex usually have low self-esteem and are persecuted by the idea of ​​being less than others.

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The B complex is a group of eight B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9 and B12. It is a vitamin complex that serves to keep our body functioning in optimal conditions.

These vitamins are the ones that allow, for example, to obtain energy from our food, thanks to the fact that they are involved in the functioning of the metabolism.