We explain what certainty or certainty is and what its relationship is with the truth. In addition, we tell you what legal certainty is. Certainty is the belief and often factual evidence that something is true. What is certainty? The certainty or certainty It is the clear, precise and certain … Read More


We explain what something playful is, examples of playful activities and the uses of the term. Also, what is the playful learning method. Playfulness can be any type of game, such as sports or video games. What is something playful? Something playful It is something belonging to or linked to … Read More


We explain what sedentary lifestyle is and how it differs from nomadism. In addition, the harms of a sedentary lifestyle. Human beings build long-lasting homes since they are sedentary. What does sedentary mean? Sedentary lifestyle or sedentary life is at the same time a medical and anthropological concept, which has … Read More


We explain what symbology is as a discipline and as a set of symbols. In addition, we tell you what a symbol is and its cultural function. Symbology is a humanistic discipline of great importance in the study of culture. What is symbology? The symbology It is the discipline that … Read More

Communication Functions

We explain to you what the functions of communication and the functions of language are. Also, what are the elements of communication. Communication is a key process for life, both for humans and animals. What are the functions of communication? Communicative functions or functions of communication are the tasks that … Read More

Popular Knowledge

We explain what popular wisdom is, what its characteristics are and how it is transmitted. In addition, we offer you multiple examples. Popular wisdom is passed down from generation to generation. What is popular wisdom? “Popular wisdom” or “popular knowledge” are terms that refer to the set of knowledge, beliefs … Read More


We explain what an experiment is and what types of experiments can be done according to their objectives and the resources they use. Experiments can have very different objectives and follow different methodologies. What is an experiment? An experiment It is a controlled procedure in which certain hypotheses are tested, … Read More