15 Examples of Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism and Democracy

There are numerous ways to nations government. Depending on how many liberties they guarantee their citizens, how plural the representation of the different governing sectors is and what degree of subjection they have with respect to the rest of the government system, we can talk about democracy, authoritarianism and totalitarianism. … Read More

Examples of Usufruct

The usufruct It is a real right to enjoy something that belongs to someone else, without having the right to alter its substance. This means that you cannot sell it. The holder of the usufruct is not the owner but the one who has a possession. For example: life usufruct, … Read More

Examples of Gaps in Law

The institutionsusually the Legislative Branch, are in charge of ruling on the laws by which the company is governed, and the Judicial Branch is in charge of ruling on sanctions in cases where there are inconveniences in terms of compliance with legal regulations. However, there are occasions in which the … Read More

15 Examples of Law in Everyday Life

The law regulates the behavior of members of a society. For this reason, although sometimes we cannot perceive it, it is present daily in our daily lives. The law is defined as the set of legal norms that regulate the behavior of men in a specific social context. This means … Read More

Examples of Habeas Corpus

Most of the constitutions of nation states enshrine freedom and the right to move freely within the country as fundamental rights. The constitutional guarantee of freedom is one of the most important, and for its preservation is that the constitution provides for certain mechanisms intended to avoid any form of … Read More

Difference Between Norm and Law

The rules are rules of conduct that seek to guarantee order and harmony within a society or organization. The rules are expected to be followed by all members. There are social, moral, religious and legal norms. A law is a type of legal rule. What differentiates the laws Another type … Read More

20 Examples of Permissive and Prohibitive Rules

When we talk about permissive and prohibitive rules In Law we refer to a specific classification of legal norms, according to which a distinction is made between those that prevent or deny the possibility of carrying out something (prohibitive) and those that, on the contrary, recognize or clarify a right … Read More

10 Examples of Positive Law

The positive right It is the set of legal and legal provisions designed by man to govern their coexistence and imposed by the organization of a State, as well as collected in a written body that contains the detailed legal framework. For example: commercial regulations, penal codes, legal contracts. Unlike … Read More

Examples of Natural Law

The natural law it is the ethical and legal doctrine that sustains the existence of certain rights inherent to the human condition, that is, that are born together with man and are prior, superior and independent of positive law (written) and customary law (custom). For example: Plato’s fundamental rights, the … Read More