Difference Between Norm and Law

The rules are rules of conduct that seek to guarantee order and harmony within a society or organization. The rules are expected to be followed by all members. There are social, moral, religious and legal norms. A law is a type of legal rule.

What differentiates the laws Another type of norms is that their compliance is not optional, every individual who lives in a certain society must comply with the laws if they do not want to be fined or arrested for violating the law.

Characteristics of the standards

Characteristics of the laws

Examples of standards

religious norms

  1. Remain silent and turn off mobile phones when entering a church.
  2. Respect religious symbols.
  3. For Catholicism, go to mass on Sundays.
  4. Respect the days of fasting and abstinence.
  5. For Judaism, do not eat pork.

Moral standards

  1. Not lie.
  2. Treat your neighbor with respect.
  3. Do not discriminate based on creed, sex or race.
  4. Respect the diversity of opinions.
  5. Give priority in queues to pregnant women and people with disabilities.
  6. Help someone who asks for help on public roads.

Social norms

  1. Respect the queue at the bank or supermarket.
  2. Don’t yell at the movies.
  3. Cover your mouth when sneezing and yawning.
  4. Give priority to pedestrians.
  5. Do not push other passengers on public transport.

examples of laws

  1. Law that obliges the parties to fulfill a contract.
  2. Law that requires the payment of taxes.
  3. Law that penalizes robbery or theft in public and private spaces.
  4. Law that prohibits the carrying of firearms without a qualifying license.
  5. Law that guarantees private property.
  6. Laws that guarantee the correct flow of traffic in a city.
  7. Law that protects national parks and monuments.
  8. Law that protects the health and integrity of all children.
  9. Law that enables mining activity.
  10. Law that protects freedom of expression.
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