Dream About Castle

Dream about a castle indicates that you will receive appreciation, admiration and recognition from your colleagues for a job well done. They will fill you with joy and happiness and provide you with a wide circle of close friends and family. You will enjoy prosperity and high social status.

Like a royal house, a castle can display the reward or honor bestowed upon the dreamer in the form of recognition and praise for outstanding achievements. Alternatively, a castle can carry the same connotations as a fortress, in which you defend or wall off others.

A castle in dreams can also represent feelings of security, protection, isolation or remoteness. You can dream of a castle when you have made a wish or achieved a goal.

Dreaming about black or white castles

Black castles represent your failures. Dark castles can symbolize unconscious or unfocused desires. White or illuminated castles symbolize achievements and awareness.

Dreaming that you live in a castle

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