Dream About Lentils

Dream about lentils

Dream about lentils symbolize your roots and your connections to society or humanity. This dream can also symbolize fertility or immortality. To dream that you eat lentils means that you want to get ahead at the expense of others or to get rich. Or this dream means that you should take care of your health.

The lentils indicate mourning. (The lentil was the food of the meals of the dead. According to Plutarch (Crasus, chap. 19,6), the soldiers of the triumvirate considered it a bad omen when, in a distressing situation during the Parthian campaign, they were first given lentils and bread of barley when receiving their rations, since both were served at the funeral banquet).

The term lentils can refer both to a food, the legumeLike an optical glass. Therefore, for a dream interpretation, it is important to take into account the direction of the meaning that you have seen in your dream.

What did you do with the lentils in your dream? How did it make you feel? Revisit your dream and pay attention to all the details. Include them in your interpretation of dreams.

dream of lentils

overall meaning

Possibly there is something, such as an issue or a person, that the dreamer must perceive very clearly or pay more attention to. lentil (food) can advertise fights and problems,- if one cooks it, the difficulties will soon be overcome. However, picking lentils heralds useless trouble, one has no chance.

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The lentils represent problems, and many. The dreamer will feel relegated, treated unfairly and divided from the people who are important to him. Or they were, as the case may be. If the dreamer eats lentils, unpleasant situations will threaten him, but he will overcome all dangers.

Dream About Cooking Lentils

A dream in which you are cooking lentils symbolizes that you are in a financial emergency and you need to save money for a bad day. This dream can also mean that she has received a loan but does not know how to repay it.

Dream about fallen lentils

A dream in which the lentils are dropped or in which the lentils are scattered on the ground means that have to face a dispute. You may have something to straighten or clarify.

Dream that you eat lentils in a restaurant

A dream in which you are eating lentils in a restaurant means that soon you will be in a good mood. This is because it has been given the right food. You’ve already eaten enough.

Dream about lentils with beans

A dream in which you eat lentils with beans can represent a Successful company. You are working to achieve a goal or reach an important milestone in your life. Another possibility is that you find it difficult to reach your goals.

Dream that you are seeing lentils

This dream symbol is interpreted as the focus of the dreamer’s attention in a certain matter. It is made clear to the dreamer that in the waking world he has to “scrutinize” an issue or a person very closely. He must use all of his concentration here.

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As a food, lentils can illustrate fights and problems in dreams. The dreamer is very angry about this in the waking world. Professional failures or disadvantages are also possible.

Dream about cooking lentils

If the dreamer cooks the lentils in the dream, then the difficult times in the waking world will soon be behind him. According to the general interpretation of dreams, eating lentils in a dream is also interpreted in this sense. The dreamer have to deal with problems in the waking world, but he will come out of everything with success and will be enriched by some experiences.

Cooking lentils as food in a dream is interpreted by the psychological interpretation of dreams as a discomfort sign for the dreamer If the dreamer eats a bowl of lentils in a dream, he will become rich in the waking world, possibly at the expense of others. Therefore, the interpretation of a dream is only possible taking into account the circumstances that accompany it or the other symbols of the dream.

If you cook lentils, something will disappoint you that you want too much It will be very painful not to get what one has long hoped for.

dream of lentils

Dream that you choose which lentils to buy

However, if the dreamer has to choose the lentils in the dream, the general interpretation of the dream means for him that all efforts are in vain in the waking world. He will not be able to get rid of difficulties so quickly, but he will have to live with them.

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Dreaming of lentils a young woman

If a young woman dreams of the dream symbol “lentils”, she will be aware of her dissatisfaction with your own partner in the waking world. However, she will accept it and continue to hold on to this relationship. The dream symbol of “lentils” as a sign of a vision that the dreamer will soon achieve.

Dream about buying lentils

Advertise a futile effort, one has no chance. Buying lentils shows that you have a friend who is a good person and whom you can trust.

Dream of eating lentils

It is enriching, it is important to distinguish if it enlarges the object that is looked at or makes it more clearly visible. The first facilitates the concentration of attention. Possibly, there is an issue or a person that needs to be perceived very clearly or to which more attention needs to be paid.