Dream About Penis

dream of a penis It has several meanings, and although I don’t believe it, it is usually quite common, regardless of gender or necessarily being an erotic dream. It has both positive and negative connotations. These tend to be associated mostly with the feeling or need for power, and have little to do with sexual relations and how satisfied we are with them.

In short, this dream reveals the links you have with the masculinity. may be revealing authority and desire for power. It can also represent your fears of losing your leadership in a certain social group.

You must describe your dream well so that you know how to put together the interpretation. You can dream of penises of different sizes and thicknesses and even with deformations. Each one indicates a perfect guide to act in life.

dream of a penis

In general terms, as we have mentioned, dreaming of a penis can be associated with power, self-actualization or strength. This is due to the fact that said organ has received this meaning through time, and the subconscious perceives it as well.

Thus, his presence in the dream will start from this interpretation, taking into account that it can mean the desire to have the strength to achieve goals, the desire for power and control, strength to face challengesand more.

However, as we have mentioned, the other details that are present in the dream should be added. The size, posture, shape and actions within it.

dream of a big penis

As you may have imagined, this is a positive dream. can be interpreted as the arrival of challenges that will be successfully assumed. It is time to let your creativity flow, as this will give good results.

It is time to renew yourself and stand firm to defend your ideas and show that you are a good leader. The time to embrace new projects with which you feel identified is now, but don’t forget to give them your personal touch. The “bad streaks” are over.

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dream of a small penis

If a small penis appears in your dream the symbolism attributed to this is that of submission. This means that you allow others to make the important decisions in your life, without stopping to think too much if that is what you really want.

You need to feed your inner strength and let it out, assuming the responsibilities and challenges of your life. You must believe more in yourself and show that you can emerge gracefully from all these situations. Put away fear and shame and assume the great human being that you are.

Dream that you have a penis

Although it is possible to consider that this is a unique dream of women, for men, dream of own penis would have the same interpretation. Especially if it shows surprise at the male member.

It is certainly a good omen. It is interpreted as the arrival of favorable situations, both economically and socially. It can refer to additional money, a valuable item at a good cost, strengthening relationships or meeting good people.

Of course, actions are required for this “good luck” to take effect. In other words, you should get out of the house more, share and keep your eyes wide open to find these possibilities.

See a woman with a penis in dreams

This is a dream that has two aspects in its explanation, and both go hand in hand. In the first place, it refers to the insecurity you feel before decisions that imply the investment in a new business or venture. Even accept a position in a different job.

It is also interpreted as the arrival of these opportunities before which you feel doubtful. Actually, although it may seem something negative, it is positive, since refers to your analytical reaction to situations, what is good. As long as this doesn’t stop you from making decisions on time.

Dream that you touch a penis

Dreaming of touching a penis is a good omen.. It symbolizes that good opportunities are coming and you will have improvements in your life, promotions and power. New paths are opened to achieve success, or the effort you have been investing finally pays off.

Of course, you must move with caution. Since any carelessness can end up hurting others or your projects. If you are careful, you will achieve your goals.

Dreaming of an erect penis

Of course, dreaming of an erect penis is a good omen.. It refers to the arrival of economic, emotional and social improvements. It is possible that you will see the fruits of previous investments or new opportunities arrive at your doorstep.

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It is also time to cultivate personal relationships, find a stable partner or give strength to your current romance. As for friends, receive them with open arms, be a good confidant, but avoid falling into gossip. Your dream tells you that you want to be at the top, so be careful which path you choose. If you do, you will get the results you crave.

Dreaming that the penis falls off

As you have surely thought, this is not a good omen. Dreaming that the penis falls off It is interpreted as the arrival of difficult times, especially financially. You feel unstable and this has led you to make wrong decisions. It is time to step back and think calmly to reverse these actions.

It is also interpreted as a fear of the unknown, especially if who dreams of a fallen penis is a woman. Big wins may come your way, but you fear not knowing how to take care of them.

sick penis in dreams

The presence of a sick penis in dreams It is usually associated with health. In other words, it is a good time to pay attention to the body’s signals and attend the doctor at the first sign that things are not going well.

It is also good to attack stressful situations and take life a little more calmly. dream of a sick penis It can symbolize that you have been under a lot of pressure and this is beginning to affect you. If you are looking for a baby, it is possible that not seeing the result as soon as you want is disturbing you. It is a good time to find serenity.

dream of a big penis

This is a good omen. dream of a big penis it means that you feel in control of your life and especially your sexuality. It is also interpreted as the arrival of favorable changes, for which you have been preparing for a long time.

On the other hand, if the presence of the penis in the dream it feels disturbing, it can be interpreted as the insecurity of life as a couple. It is possible that you feel that you have been giving your best, without being properly valued. It is a good time to talk to your partner about it and clarify these feelings.

dream of a small penis

See a small penis in your dreams it is generally interpreted as the presence of a feeling of guilt. It is possible that you committed some recent act that weighs on your conscience and now your subconscious tells you that you are not entirely satisfied with it.

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If the penis you dream of is thinis usually associated with a warning from the subconscious that alerts you to excessive passivity in the face of life and those around you.

penis up or down

When you dream that the penis points up the meaning is usually positive. Your subconscious tells you that things are happening in your favor and it is a good time to cultivate and then reap the fruits. Both in personal and financial relationships, you will see good events.

Now, if you dream of a downward pointing penis, the situation changes a lot. This is a sign that your steps have not led you on the right path and it is time to pause and reconsider. You must change the course of your projects so that you can get what you expect from them.

Dreaming of an injured penis

This can have several interpretations, since it will depend on the wound in question. dream of a severed penis, for example, symbolizes that you are in a bad economic moment and you feel overwhelmed by the situation. You may think that you can control things in your favor, but at the same time fear making things worse.

On the other hand, if it is you who cuts the penis in dreams, this image is referring to the indecision you feel at a crossroads that could change your life. Of course, you fear risks, but the symbolism of this dream tells you to go ahead and trust yourself.

Yes you dream of blood on your penis, the dream message is even clearer. It is time to face the vicissitudes, face the challenges and move on. Do not hesitate to seek support from people you trust.

These are some of the interpretations that are usually found when dream of a penis. However, never forget that everything will depend on many other factors and elements both in your daily life and in the dream itself.

In this dream every detail counts

From the size to the position of the penis. Even the circumstances in which the dream occurs, since one’s own member can be observed, (even women can observe it in themselves), or that of someone else. Every situation will have a different interpretation.