Dream About Tsunami

Dreaming of a tsunami can represent the destructive force of the ego and the consciousness of the dreamer. They are instincts that clearly emerge, although the dreamer tries to repress them during the day.

The tsunami is not a simple earthquake and in the interpretation of dreams it is related to water, so for the dreamer represents the depths of the unconscious and emotions that you cannot control and that are about to burst into your life.

a tsunami is an event that destroys and above all is something unpredictable. The tsunami is a collective and shared fear. Generally, it symbolizes something unstoppable on an emotional and unconscious level. It is often about the overwhelming passions and psychological balance of the dreamer, the problems of the person, those that affect his home and even his family.

It can refer to health, the work or personal sphere and also to the most intimate and private dimension. Often this dream is unsettling for the dreamer.

Let’s see what does it mean to dream of a tsunami?

dream about tsunami

Dream of witnessing a Tsunami up close

Participate in the meaning of all the great natural cataclysms such as earthquakes, floods, landslides and avalanches, which, in dreams, are related to stages of transition from one age to another in life and with moments of growth and transformation.

The transition from youth to adulthood is an example of this: new values ​​and responsibilities must be embraced and, consequently, norms, values ​​and beliefs must be abandoned.

This dream is not painless, but dramatic, lacerating, violent, and sometimes the individual unconscious acts in the same way and with the same destabilizing force that nature uses… in nature, creating dreams in which the sea becomes a species uncontrollable monster.

Dream of seeing a tsunami in the distance

It is a representation of important problems or issues that you are currently facing in your life. These problems have been present in your life for a long time and you do not know how to solve them.

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Dream of being a victim of a tsunami

If you dreamed that you were a victim of a tsunami, this dream represents a problem you may be experiencing due to certain events that occur around him.

This event causes a feeling of stress and you cannot sit back and wait for it to happen. Try to spend time doing what you like and spend more time with your friends and family.

Dream of a tsunami hitting the earth

there is something that can destroy all your certainties, a big change. But sometimes dreaming of a tsunami represents a change in the dreamer. He goes from being a carefree young man to becoming an adult with responsibilities and obligations.

It can be a scary dream, but you should not underestimate that this type of dream is often liberating and allows you to let your emotions out. To dream that a tsunami sweeps you away indicates the will to live and to defend what you have.

Dream that a tsunami has destroyed part of your city

Take care of your finances and do not invest anything at this time, because these investments will not benefit you.

At this time, it is best that you focus on remembering your ideas and plans for the future and take a break from work for a while.

Dream of a tsunami that devastates an entire city

It means that his ego has to change your way of life and that you are experiencing disorientation, especially if your mindset is not prone to novelty and change. He continues reading this article and discovers other possible interpretations of when you dream of a tsunami.

They take thousands of lives each time they appear. They are essentially huge ocean waves created by wind and ocean currents.

Dream of a catastrophe caused by a tsunami

This can be frightening and worrying for the dreamer. Threatened by threatening and destructive bodies of water, but can also be liberating and cathartic.

Tsunamis in dreams symbolize with their violence the rupture of dynamics and habits and the end of all security, but they are also an explosion of vital energy that, in its daily confrontation with the world, screams its singularity and its tension towards the divine.

Dreaming of a TSUNAMI is so frequent because the wrath of the waters reflects the anger of man at the impact of life, at the inevitability of events that he cannot control and in the face of which he feels like a small thing.

dream about tsunami

Dream about the great wave of the tsunami and the flood

It alludes to the unleashing of internal energies that manifest themselves in a destructive, aggressive and violent way.

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Forces that have been hidden in the depths of the unconscious and that a triggering event or the evolution of the dreamer brought to light with the same eruptive power than an active volcano.

Dream of a tsunami at home

When you dream of a Tsunami, the individual’s unconscious acts in the same way and with the same destabilizing force as nature.

The symbolism of the tsunami in dreams is linked to that of water, the sea and the wave. A link that reveals the same meanings linked to the depth and unfathomability of the unconscious. The manifestation of emotions that can no longer be controlled

Dream of being in the middle of a tsunami

The great movement of the waters then reflects an INNER REVOLUTION and an equally powerful dynamism that will express itself in reality.

That is why it is important to ask oneself about one’s own feelings in the face of the tsunami in dreams, which, like all renewal forceis linked to the death-rebirth archetype and has a propulsive aspect that should never be forgotten.

Because everything that happens in the ocean of dreams and that monitors the movement of the dream waves is only a reflection of one’s own internal storms.

Thus, dreaming of a tsunami responds to the power of the strongest and most irrepressible emotions and passions and to the devourers of anger, rage, resentment, hatred.

Dream about a gigantic tsunami

The fury of the sea, from which the dreamer is a witness or from which he has to defend himself, can be seen as a real fury of the Renegade Selves. It implies either anticipating “resolution” and rebirth after destruction, or the need to find less destructive ways of acting and manifesting.

It will then be important to ask yourself: in what aspect of your life have the balances been broken? What emotions have broken the banks and are threatening the Primary Selves. What transition phase is engaging the dreamer’s body and mind.

This means that when processing the dream it can be helpful to reframe emotions that the dreamer finds heavy or negative. To find an acceptable way to express them.

  • transition phase
  • change, transformation
  • violent emotions
  • repressed emotions
  • external disturbances (mourning, separation, failure)
  • internal turmoil

Dream of seeing a tsunami Dream of a tsunami approaching

Along with large waves frozen and about to break, they are the most common images that allude to an upheaval. The dreamer is experiencing in some sphere of your reality. Long-repressed emotions that can no longer be controlled.

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In particular, dreaming of a tsunami ALWAYS indicates a situation of excessive control. It is only aired in the oneiric dimension and in which the repressed energies finally manage to manifest themselves in the form of natural elements of equal power.

The power and destructiveness of these natural forces is symbolic of the same power in repressed energies. They can be just as destructive.

dream of fleeing a tsunami dream of fleeing a tsunami

most clearly reflects the attempt to protect oneself from a destabilizing situationthe fear of facing change, which can be external (something unexpected and difficult to face), or internal (a transition phase from one age to another, maturity due to new experiences, natural evolution due to growth).

Dream of a tsunami that sweeps me

Dreaming of a tsunami sweeping the earth must go back to some igniting factor that, like an internal earthquake, upsets and destroys all certainty.

The dreamer will have to ask himself what is the disorder that affects him, why he feels overwhelmed and unable to react, what elements of his internal or external reality have become unmanageable or a source of despair.

Dream of a tsunami and be saved

It means facing a difficult situation without giving up, or facing the force of one’s own and others’ emotions.

It is an image that can also indicate overcoming a transition phase in life.

Dream About Tsunami

They are natural cataclysms that are associated in nature (the tidal wave is caused by earthquakes at the bottom of the sea). In dreams they indicate the triggering of a dramatic event.

The dream earthquake is the first sign of an internal or external disorder in the life of the dreamer, who must ask himself what earthquake (drastic change) has set in motion a series of events that compromise him in all areas and for which he fears to see himself « overflowed”.

Dream that an earthquake and a tsunami destroy my house

When the earthquake and tsunami destroy and overwhelm the dreamer’s house, the dream may have an objective meaning that shows the collapse of all security and the difficulties in which the dreamer’s (real) family is struggling.

But it can also have a subjective meaning in which earthquake and tsunami allude to internal changes and to the emotions and feelings that boil within, conditioning your personality (your home) and your actions.

Dream of tsunamis with clear water

Seeing the clear and transparent water in the form of a tsunami should make you think about the accepted emotions for consciousness. They can and must be expressed (affection, love, spirituality).