Dream of Cleaning

In daily life, cleaning means cleaning the dirt, put order, take care of the immediate environment and keep it clean. Cleaning is sometimes a hassle, but it is necessary and must be repeated constantly. Let’s see what it means to dream of cleaning.

Especially the sanitary area with the toilet and sink needs regular cleaning in order not to give disease-causing germs a chance. The situation is similar in the kitchen. Failure to rinse after cooking, wipe down work surfaces and remove overcooked food can quickly lead to smelly and unhealthy consequences.

Brushing is also part of personal hygiene. For example, you need to clean your teeth properly twice a day to prevent cavities from occurring in the first place. Most cleaning products and sprays smell like lemon, and toothpaste tastes like fresh mint.

dream of cleaningdream of cleaning

But why do you dream of cleanliness?

Is the dream perhaps an indication of a certain way of thinking or acting that one feels is not entirely clean? Is it necessary to rearrange and clean the values ​​themselves?

In the interpretation of dreams, there are subtle nuances in the dream symbol “cleanliness” to pay attention to, for example, if objects are being polished or if one is grooming and dressing. We speak, for example, of dressing well when we dress up. Here, too, importance is attached to an attractive and well-groomed – polished – appearance.

The psychological interpretation of dreaming of cleaning

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “cleanliness” represents self-cleansing and purification. Dirt can also accumulate in the soul in a figurative sense. This must be cleared in sleep so that the psyche is clean again. It may be about experiences that overwhelm us and that must be eliminated through the dream symbol “cleansing”.

But it can also be about character flaws, which in the interpretation of dreams find their figurative equivalent in the dirt stains of our deepest being. The dreamer feels tainted by something and would like to cleanse himself of it through symbolic cleansing.

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Those who dream of cleanliness must put old values ​​and habits to the test and critically question their own behavior and character traits. Once the old ballast is swept away, the soul becomes receptive to new impulses.

Cleaning dreams can have many meanings

So it is important to interpret them thoroughly. You should try to remember as many details as possible.

It is possible to dream that you are cleaning your own house or an object, but you can also dream that you are cleaning an oven or the refrigerator.

It is possible to dream that you are cleaning a floor or a desk, but you can also dream that you are in a dry cleaner.

There are also many other situations in which you can dream of cleaning. Each of these dreams has a different meaning, so it is important to interpret it correctly.

In most cases, cleaning dreams indicate that you are trying to cleanse your life of any negativity. There may be many negative emotions and people in your life, so it’s time to get rid of them.

If you have dreamed of cleaning and you have also seen another person in your dream, it means that this person is bringing negativity into your life. In this case, her dream may be a warning to keep that person at a distance.

If you feel bad in your waking life, the dream about cleaning tells you that you should face your problems and try to solve them. You will feel much better if you solve your problems.

What is decisive for the meaning of the dream image is what you have cleaned in the dream. For this reason, below we will first present the most frequent contexts in which the symbol appears in a dream:

Dream that you clean your house

If you dream that you clean your entire house, you are symbolically cleaning your life. The sleeper is working through positive experiences, but mostly negative ones. This way it can be cleaned. In the future it will be able to develop freely without ‘old ballast’.

dream of cleaningdream of cleaning

Dream about cleaning a room

In the interpretation of dreams, cleaning a single room or a specific room refers to a new beginning. However, this does not refer to the entire life of the person in question, but to a part of it.

The furniture in the room can give information about what aspect of life the dream image refers to. Is it possible for the person to embark on a new career path? Starting a new hobby? Are you meeting new people or saying goodbye to old friends?

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Dream cleaning the kitchen

Dreams in which the sleeper sees himself cleaning the kitchen traditionally herald the resolution of a dispute. Perhaps there have been frequent arguments and disagreements in the family of late. However, this will change soon. Peace and harmony will gradually return.

Dream about cleaning the bathroom

The dream image “cleaning the bathroom” usually indicates the desire for inner cleanliness. The sleeper is reconciled with his inner values, qualities, capacities and attitudes. This goes hand in hand with personal development. One recognizes oneself and in this process can free oneself from unnecessary burdens.

According to the interpretation of dreams, whoever dreams that he cleans a toilet or a dirty toilet bowl has recognized a problem. It is possible that the sleeper still unable to resolve a particular inner conflict or mental imbalance, but is working on it. As is known, awareness is the first step towards improvement. It won’t be long before the problem is completely eliminated.

Dream about cleaning the floor

To dream that the floor is cleaned is a symbol of the person’s sense of order and diligence. At the same time, a dream in which the floor is vacuumed and mopped can show that an effort is being made to restore a previous state.

What is meant by this is that the sleeper has recognized an unfavorable development in an area of ​​life. Now he’s doing everything he can to stop it and get everything back on an orderly course.

Dream about cleaning the window

If the dream image “cleaning windows” appears to the sleeping person, this indicates great care and love for the truth. The person in question is always eager to acknowledge the truth and, on the contrary, does not disguise himself. He would not lie to his fellow man or deceive them. These are the best requirements for a long and good friendship.

Dream about cleaning your teeth

In dreams, an everyday activity like brushing your teeth takes on a symbolic meaning. the dream image represents vitality and energy. However, brushing teeth can also show that the sleeper is very concerned about their external image. You want to leave a positive impression on your peers and not be the target of slander.

Dream about cleaning your ears

The dream interpretation interprets the cleaning of the ears and the removal of too much wax associated with it as a symbol of mistrust. The dreamer does not trust everyone. He knows well who he can really count on and who he shouldn’t tell everything to.

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Dream of wiping your nose

Blowing your nose in a dream is supposed to encourage the sleeper to be more active. Only with motivation can achieve the objectives of life and make dreams come true. If in a dream you pick your nose with your finger and remove snot, you manage to get rid of unpleasant things. An unpleasant matter is resolved.

dream of shining shoes

Those who clean their shoes and apply shoe polish in a dream yearn for inner cleansing. According to dream analysis, the sleeper is exploring his interior. In this context, he returns to dealing with negative experiences. In this way, you can finally reconcile with them and restore harmony to your soul.

Dream of making your dream car shine

Cleaning or washing the car in a dream suggests that you are gaining new energy. The dreamer wants to move forward in life. It develops more and is able to achieve their goals thanks to the new inner impulse. He will not let bad outside influences stop him.

Dream that you clean objects

If in a dream we scrub objects especially thoroughly and polish them until they are very shiny, this cleaning shows the dreamer stagecoach. A reward may await him for it, but at least this dream symbol means that the dreamer must keep his character pure.

Dream about personal cleanliness

If in a dream the dreamer cleans and grooms his own person, the interpretation of dreams assumes that the dreamer is inclined to self-promotion exaggerated and vanity. Then you should think about whether you shouldn’t be a little more modest and reserved in life.

Therefore, the dream symbol “cleanliness” is also a symbol for looking at oneself more often detached from everything and evaluated realistically. If in your dream you clean your shoes or boots and shine them with polish, you should be aware of your desire for inner cleanliness. If one attempts to clean an oil stain in their sleep, they may wish for closer contact with their family.

Dream that you clean cutlery

If in your dream you clean cutlery such as knives, forks and spoons, you will show perseverance and diligence in your tasks in the waking world. If you clean something in your sleep with paraffin, you will probably soon have an interesting acquaintance. You will make real friends.

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