Dream of Flying

Dreaming of flying, besides being very common, has the prerogative of being associated with pleasant sensations. It is a dream that makes one feel capable and powerful, linked to feelings of freedom and exaltation, a dream that fills the dreamer with joy and puts him in touch with what he is incredibly capable of “doing.”

But the feelings of power, disbelief, and pleasure Most of these dreams are usually a sublimation of the reality that the dreamer lives and compensate, with euphoric sensations, a prosaic and banal life or a resigned, depressed and indecisive character.

Then it becomes a kind of night out for the parts of the personality that have been disowned: intrepid and courageous parts, parts that seek an alternative vision of reality, of a harmony and a spirituality that are not experienced in daytime life.

Dream about flying Symbolism of flying

It is one of the oldest and most deeply rooted dream images and is related to the symbolism of air and sky, with the realms of thought, fantasy and spirituality (it may happen that a spiritual search and meditation exercises cause dreams, visions or daydreams with images of flight).

But it is also associated with symbolism of ascentthe descent and the fall, with all the psychological implications and emotions that these situations suggest.

pleasant emotions that can fill the heart and mind with happiness and freedom or that cause anxiety, fear of not being able to continue flying (fear of not being up to the task), fear of falling and not being able to cope (fear of losing what has already been achieved: privileges, status, goals).

Dream of flying General meaning

The meaning of flying in dreams is related to the feelings of power that the ability to fly provokes and the emotions of disbelief in the face of what is being experienced, feelings that run parallel to the desire to experience, to enjoy a unique possibility and a desire that It has always been present in the human mind.

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But the individual unconscious can create this image for very different reasons. Therefore, it is important never to generalize, but to value the action of flying in dreams in relation to the situation that the dreamer is experiencing and the emotions of joy or discomfort that the dream causes.

dream of flying

Next, a summary of the most common meanings of dreaming about flying

  • lightness
  • happiness
  • euphoria
  • success
  • freedom
  • escapism
  • compensation
  • Lucid dreams, astral travel
  • irresponsibility
  • immaturity
  • fantasy daydream
  • sense of superiority
  • intelligence of lucidity
  • alternative view
  • idealism
  • distance from reality
  • spirituality
  • sexuality
  • erection
  • lack of inhibitions

fly in dreams frequently

it thus serves to compensate with its intoxicating sensations all the heaviness of reality, but it also reveals the existence of problems from which the dreamer flees, which he is afraid to face, the dream then indicates this tendency to “fly” from unpleasant situations.

It is the tendency to fantasize. But the very image of flying in dreams can also reveal the dreamer’s tendency to “fly” in her life, that is, not to take charge, to want to remain in the world of fantasy.

dream of flying

is related to rising above everyday reality, the world that is known, but often reflects the need to seek a different, alternative and superior point of view, a detachment from material things that can take the form of a search spiritual, meditation exercises, visions and visualizations.

fly in dreams, which thus becomes a way of bringing out a problem, of signaling a dissatisfaction or of reaffirming to the dreamer his “ability to fly” (metaphor of erection and sexual intercourse).

Impotent men or men with erection problems often compensate for the lack of a sexual outlet with the ability to fly in their dreams, which can be accompanied by intense pleasure and nocturnal pollution.

dream of flying high

This image can have all the meanings listed above and should be analyzed taking into account the emotions felt by the dreamer but, in general, it is associated with the need to “fly high”, a metaphor for ambition, desires and goals to achieve. .

It can be an encouragement or point to excessive recklessness, expecting too much of oneself, or having overly ambitious goals.

It is also a dream related to the need for freedom and a spiritual vision of life.

Dream that you fly and see the landscape below you

It refers to what happens in one’s life and the need to “see things from above”, that is, to practice a kind of emotional detachment from situations that helps the dreamer to face them better.

Indicates rationality and intelligence or the need to plan one’s future taking into account all present possibilities.

If the landscape over which you fly is unknown, the dream can allude both to the unknowns of the future and to unclear situations that must be faced more clearly.

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Dream about flying with a bird Dream about flying with a bird

represents the tendency to get carried away by thoughts, to flee from reality, to cling to ideas, fantasies and mental lucubrations. But flying with a bird in dreams can also indicate problem solving and support for the dreamer.

For example, dreaming of being a bird that flies means possessing the symbolic qualities of the bird (the eagle indicates intelligence, lucidity, spirituality, the seagull freedom and adaptation, the dove serenity, sweetness, peace, etc.) qualities that indicate a symbolic direction accurate, showing the search for solutions, but also the need to find a higher dimension in line with what the dreamer aspires to.

dream of flying

Dream of taking flight Dream of running and taking flight

it is the typical image of change and independence (in fact, it is customary to say “he left” when talking about a child who has gone to live away from home or a person who has found his way).

It is a positive dream that indicates the dreamer’s ability to exercise his personal power and transform reality according to his wishes.

It is also a typical image of lucid dreams in which the dreamer tests himself by deciding to fly to prove that he is capable of piloting his dream.

Dream that you are afraid of flying Dream that you fly and get dizzy

it reflects the real fears of the dreamer: fear of change, fear of not being up to the task, fear of growing up, fear of independence. It may be a dream related to immaturity and entering a new phase of life (for example, the end of adolescence, the beginning of youth).

While flights and dizziness in dreams can also indicate anxiety and anguish or be associated with physical problems, injuries to the inner ear, digestive problems, nausea, etc.).

Dream about flying and swooping down

If this movement is desired and controlled by the dreamer, it may be linked to the need to aim at a goal after reflection, but if, on the contrary, the immersion is a ruinous fall, the dream may indicate the sudden impact of reality after moments of reverie,

This image can also have a sexual meaning in men’s dreams by indicating the detumescence that follows orgasm.

dream of flying with wings

it indicates the resources and tools that the dreamer possesses, his capacity, intelligence and mastery of situations, it shows the possibility of accessing “elevated” levels of being, the possibility of rising above the realm of matter.

Dream of flying and falling Dreaming of flying and falling into the sea

represents the abrupt end of illusions and dreams, but more often it is linked to the dreamer’s lack of realism, to an ego inflation that makes him feel superior to others, to disproportionate projects that are not based on real qualities . So the unconscious restores proportions by abruptly recalling reality.

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Flying and falling in dreams may correspond to the terminal phase of orgasm.

Flying and falling overboard in dreams can indicate a sudden closure on oneself after a moment of euphoria and extroversion or being prey to feelings and all the emotions related to falling in love.

Dream that you fall into the void and fly away

Contrary to the above, in this dream the dreamer reverses the fall beginning to fly, this means that he has resources and abilities that can counteract and resolve his difficulties.

The same dream can indicate the use of fantasy to defend against a feeling of anguish, anxiety, depression.

Dream that you can’t fly

it is linked to failure in some sphere (family, professional, sexual), it can reflect the dreamer’s frustrated attempts, that is, his inability to obtain what he wants with his own strength, the need to free himself from a dependency (emotional or economic) .

Dream that you fly into the house

it represents the need to see family situations with greater detachment, to evaluate intelligently and lucidly what is happening, or it can indicate a lack of self-responsibility, a tendency not to deal with family problems or, again, fantasies about oneself completely unreal.

Dream that you fly with balloons Dream that you fly tied to a balloon

They are dreams related to fantasy, to letting yourself be carried away by it without thinking.

The value of a balloon in dreams is also equivalent to following an idea, being carried away by enthusiasm or being in love.

Dream of flying on a broom

It shows the unconventional attempt to give direction to one’s own desires, it means exploring all possibilities and finding new tools (alternatives, internal and external resources) to achieve what one aspires to.

Dream of flying in an airplane

it represents a need for freedom and change: to expand one’s limits and frontiers, taking advantage of the opportunities for change that arise.

Dream of flying in a helicopter

indicates the need to quickly detach from a heavy, problematic or boring reality, the need to free oneself from habit and boredom.

Dream of flying in a hot air balloon

responds to the desire to improve one’s own situation slowly but steadily and considering all possibilities. It amounts to a kind of planning for the future and long-term goals, something that is seen in the mind even before it can be translated into reality.

In some dreams, on the contrary, it indicates a recourse to fantasy to get away from the daily routine.

dream of flying in space dream of space flight

They are rare dreams that can reflect both the feeling of being “uprooted” and not having any acceptable point of reference in one’s own reality, as well as an inflated and unreal image of oneself and one’s possibilities, far from any possibility.