Dream of Sweets

Whether it’s candies, lollipops, liquorice, chocolate, marshmallows, marzipan, sweets, cakes or cookies, sweets are a temptation that is difficult to resist, which is why they appear from time to time in our dreams. The sweet taste reminds us of our childhood. Let’s see what it can mean dream of sweets

Sweets are a tradition on certain occasions, for example at Christmas, but Easter is also unthinkable without the chocolate bunnies or chocolate eggs that accompany them. As always, it is a matter of healthy moderation. The spiritual interpretation

In the interpretation of dreams, food is a spiritual food and important for mental development. The dream symbol “sweets” appeals to the senses and is a sign of spiritual growth.

The psychological interpretation

Sweets also actually belong to the Little pleasures of life. In dreams they symbolize the capacity for enjoyment, sensual pleasures and luxury. However, they can also embody the fasticity and extravagance of the dreamer.

those who eat sweets yearn for love, union. But sometimes sweets also have a bitter taste, which could indicate disturbances in our love relationships. Sometimes this dream image also suggests a sweet secret. Other symbols must be consulted for this interpretation.

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Dreaming with sweets general meaning

A dream with sweets is probably a strong sensual experience. The dreamer savors the sweetness of the sugar and the aromas of the other ingredients. Maybe he’ll let a bar of chocolate melt on his tongue with delight or reward himself with a whole bag of gum. A Turkish sweet can also appear in the dream. The interpretation of dreams associates the dream symbol «sweets» especially with emotions.

dream of sweetsdream of sweets

Dream of tasting sweets

The dream symbol «sweets» It usually reflects feelings and needs. In the interpretation of dreams, it is important for the dreamer to ask himself what she wants and what she gets in reality. A bar of chocolate in a dream is not only a temptation, but also a reward that the dreamer gives himself or expects from others.

Eating It is a beautiful and basic gesture with which positive meanings are usually charged; metaphorically it alludes to the idea of ​​enriching oneself internally, to well-being and physical fulfillment, but what does it mean when we dream of eating?

Dream of receiving sweets

We associate it with the feeling of being cared for and sometimes even pampered. In addition, we are programmed to prefer sweet fruits because they offer us a feeling of receiving something that we deserve for having performed a task well.

Dream of seeing many sweets on a table

As a dream symbol, a piece of candy can also warn of an attempted bribe. Someone wants to influence the dreamer through flattery. On the other hand, in dream investigations it is a sign of happiness and domestic harmony if one indulges in nibbling on licorice or chewy sweets in a dream.

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Dream of eating sweets and having a sweet tooth

In the interpretation of popular dreams, being sweet too it can be a warning not to be seduced by luxury superfluous and possibly lose sight of the true values ​​of life. If the dreamer makes the sweets himself, profitable events are heralded in the dream.

Dream about the taste of candy

It is an expression of passion and the capacity to love of the dreamer, as well as the longing for eroticism. Sugar and sweet foods appeal directly to the senses in dreams and in reality, and the pleasure can be felt physically and psychologically.

dream of sweetsdream of sweets

Dream about the taste of sweet – bitter

Sweets are generally a positive sign and promise that the dreamer will make good progress despite some disappointments and setbacks. Nevertheless, if the sweets in the dream taste sour or bitter, the symbol of the dream can express an illness. It is also possible that the dreamer is overloaded with problems.

In the interpretation of dreams, these sensual pleasures can translate into the desire for intimate love and sexual union. In dream research, a sour or bitter touch in the dream symbol “candies”, such as liquorice or cough drops, can be a sign of a disturbance in the love relationship.

Dream about minty sweets

In dreams, mint-flavored sweets often represent variety and interesting activities in the waking world. If in a dream you buy sweets in a store, like Harry Potter, you often long for your wishes to come true.

Dream that you see sweets but you can not eat

A dream situation in which the dreamer has a bar of chocolate in front of him, for example, but is not allowed to eat it, clearly indicates a disturbed sex life. He is denied pleasure or is unable to enjoy it.

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Dream that you reject a sweet

As a dream symbol, sweets also symbolize emotions. In the interpretation of dreams, the forced renunciation of something sweet usually indicates a emotional deprivation.

Dream that you crave a sweet

Sweets have, in fact, a clear positive meaning because they satisfy taste, fill a need and make everyone happy, but they can also refer to the compensation of deficiencies of various kinds, and this is precisely the most common interpretation that is used. gives.

It is a symbol of pleasant news on the way, such as a new love relationship or a new work experience.

Dream of a table full of sweets or a confectionery

If in a dream a table covered with sweets, candies, cookies and cakes of various kinds, or a confectionery with the most delicious delicacies appears to us, our unconscious mind tells us that we probably lack lovesweetness, attention and physical or sexual fulfillment.

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