Dream with Storm

The calm before the storm: a strange silence hangs over everything and yet there is this expectation… Suddenly, a first gust that makes the withered leaves flutter through the streets… and then it breaks loose. The storm takes hold of us, hits us hard and shakes everything. What does it mean then to dream of a storm?

Different types of storm

Around the world, storms have very different manifestations. Anything over 117 km/h is called a hurricane, but depending on its shape and the region where it strikes, it can also be called a hurricane, tornado, cyclone, cyclone or typhoon. The blizzard also has its own name: Blizzard. There are also sand and hail storms.

Despite the confusing names, we tend to remember very well the dreams in which a storm does its mischief. It is very possible that our dream was inspired by the real sounds of a storm, especially on autumn nights, when we hear the typical howls of the wind and the creak of the rotten branches shaken by the storm. But what remains when the storm has abated? What message can hide behind your dream about a storm?

The psychological interpretation of the dream symbol of the storm

The psychological interpretation sees in the storm a dream symbol of our uncontrollable feelings. The comparison is obvious: a light wind can be very pleasant, but if the light breeze turns into a solid storm, it unleashes truly destructive forces that no one can stop. The same happens with our state of mind: our subconscious -in the form of a dream storm- gets out of control.

dream of storm

The spiritual interpretation of the dream symbol of the storm

From a spiritual perspective, the storm in a dream is a representative of the air element, which as “breath of life” symbolizes our spiritual energy and our capacity for knowledge. This connection explains the interpretation of the storm dream symbol as a human mental force, but also as the spiritual aspects of things around us – in interaction, these forces can sometimes turn our lives into a storm.

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The storm in the traditional interpretation of dreams

In the traditional interpretation of dreams, all the forces of nature are considered dream symbols especially related to our emotions. In addition, the storm belongs to the air element, which indicates a reference to the mental, that is, to our spirit. If you dream of a storm at night, a question may be:What is the storm supposed to “carry ahead” for you?

Dream that you are facing a storm

If you dream of a whirlwind, psychologists consider it a disorientation sign. Perhaps your thoughts go on a carousel and you feel restless and restless. The storm dream symbol draws your attention to this desperate situation and urges you to confront it in waking life before it can unfold its destructive potential.

Dream that a storm is blowing towards you

This is figuratively your feeling in dealing with people. You face a strong headwind. The crosswinds try talk you out of the way that you have chosen A tailwind provides unexpected support.

Dream of a storm of passion

Storms of passion can now change a lot in your love and passion, perhaps more than you would like. You can feel it, whether it’s a refreshing breeze gently blowing through your hair, a storm banging things in your ears, or snatching away loved ones. In the end, it’s you who decide if you want to give in to emotional storms or if you prefer to seek refuge.

Dream about a storm next to the family

A storm changes your environment without you doing it. It may make you uneasy, but only through change is there growth. Children leave home or start school, old friends leave or new people enter your life. You will feel a bit disorganized. But after the storm, you can rebuild your life from the ground up. I’m waiting excited.

Dream that the storm occurs in your workplace

Stormy times will bring you a lot of work. There is so much to do and you don’t know where your head is. With all the effort, you can’t necessarily expect more profit right away. Only a strong tailwind will bring you unexpected protections, despite all the excitement, that will drive you to unexpected success.

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Dreaming of a storm and you are sick

Many rapid changes make you uneasy. But maybe she has been secretly waiting for a long time for something to interrupt his routine. Now is the time. She thinks of it as a strengthening challenge from which in the end you will come out stronger.

Dreaming of a storm from time to time or repeatedly

A storm in a dream can be very scary, but you don’t have to worry about it afterwards. The storm is one of the most common dream symbols: many people dream of this force of nature throughout their lives.

But if you suddenly experience storm dreams over and over again, this could be a important warning sign: You are probably in serious emotional trouble and need to analyze your current situation to find a solution. Perhaps you have already made up your mind, but are (still) afraid of change?

Dream that the storm causes serious damage

If it devastates the buildings and the landscape, it symbolizes drastic changes. Perhaps the path of your personal development forks and you do not know how to decide: continue along the beaten path of always, or forget the old habits and risk trying something completely new?

Dream about a storm when you have problems

In some cases, the dream with the storm can even be a good omen: If you have problems and you dream of a storm, this could take away your problems and leave only fresh and clean air. In this case, the dream symbol of the storm becomes a symbol of liberation or detachment from old thought patterns.

dream of storm

Dreaming of a storm while on a storm boat

The popular interpretation interprets dreams in which we meet a storm as the announcement of impending conflict in which we have to assert our position. If in his dream he sees only that the weather vane shakes wildly under the omens of the approaching storm or that his mast tilts, he may be defending a certain conviction with special force.

Dream about the sound of the storm

If you dream of a storm, the wind can howl or whistle very loudly at night. Hurricane gusts can have a very threatened effectr for the dreamer. However, the dreamer may be curious as to what will be left when the storm has abated.

Dream of buildings falling in the storm

It refers to an attack and the violent takeover of a building. In everyday language we find, for example, a storm of emotions, a race for certain goods or a stormy hug. The life situation of the dreamer is decisive. What would you like to see disappear, what change do you fear?

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Dream that a thunderstorm is coming

Experiencing a real storm in the dream symbolically indicates that there is repressed negative feelings who finally want to come to the surface. Usually the cause is a previous dispute. An evil whirlwind as a dream symbol then reminds us that we must act and resolve the dispute.

Dream about hurricane or tornado as a wild storm

If the dream storm turns into a hurricane or a tornado with a high and destructive wind force, this indicates an inner restlessness that torments the dreamer. The reasons lie deep in the secret, in the soul of the affected person. To avoid falling into a prolonged crisis, you have to work on the problems to literally take the wind out of the sails. If the hurricane leaves behind a devastating disaster in the dream, the matter is even more urgent.

Dream that the sea is rough in a storm

When the water comes into play as soon as the storm breaks in the dream event, the emotional level is always an issue. The dreamer may have to deal with their own destructive emotions when a tidal wave approaches. Anger, hate and aggressiveness are feelings that are part of life, but they should be used sparingly.

Dream that trees are uprooted by a storm

If trees fall in the course of a dream because the strong storm rips them out of the ground along with their roots, the life energy of the sleeping person is affected. The person lacks structure and a clear idea of ​​what the next goal in life is. If you want to find out which area it refers to, you must analyze the type of tree that is felled in the dream.

Dream that you feel anguish before a storm

If the dreamer finds himself in a distressing situation, the storm in the dream is a good sign for him, because there is a chance that he will sweep away the troubles.

Who sees a storm in a dream, either from a safe distance or in the middle of it, should prepare for the conflicts to come. You may have to fight for your position or your convictions at work or among friends.

The terrifying thing about these dreams is how uncontrollable the emotions are. In the interpretation of dreams, the storm is a symbol of the soul out of control.

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