Dream About Parrot

The parrot is usually considered a symbol of gossip and thoughtless words or actions. In a dream, this bird especially warns you against the gossip of others and reminds you that you yourself could be a victim of them. The warning may refer to friends who speak ill of the … Read More

Dream About Nun

Let’s see what it means dream about nun. A nun belongs to a Christian order subject to the Pope’s closure. The nuns are communities that do not have any papal connection according to ecclesiastical law, such as the Carmelites or the Trappists. His life consists of serving only God. The … Read More

Dream About Clock

In dream interpretation, dreaming about a clock It is associated with time in general or with the beginning and end of a specific matter. A clock appears to the dreamer when time is running out for an important matter. Maybe you are also under pressure at work or someone is … Read More

What Does it Mean to Dream About Doors

It is a dream that has a double meaning, on the one hand it refers to an opening or progress towards important changes. On the other hand, it refers to setbacks, inconveniences, unpleasant and stressful situations. This dream shows that you are a person who has fears and indecisions about … Read More

Dream About Mountains

To ever experience this dream is an extraordinary experience. The mountains reflect a lot of tranquility and spirituality, their dream meaning refers to a moment of internal positivity. They symbolize progress, development and difficulties. On the other hand, mountains are related to a elevation to a divine or privileged place. … Read More

Dream About Umbrella

It is usually about a dream of good omen, mysterious, pleasant. It is important that you always remember every detail to be able to interpret broadly. Dreaming about an umbrella indicates your desire for protection. It could be that you feel overwhelmed by certain things in your life, and you … Read More

Dream About Neighbor

In this opportunity you will be able to explore the message it transmits to you, dream about neighbor and what each type of image can represent for you. Neighbors are the closest people to you after your family, or at least that’s what many people think. You will be able … Read More

Dream About Airport

Dream about an airport It may be a exciting experience, on the one hand, and terrifying on the other. Dreams involving an airport can have a variety of meanings, depending on the specific situation that is occurring in the dream. In general, dreaming about an airport can symbolize idea of … Read More

Dream About Red Dress

Do you want to explore the meaning of dream about red dress? It is important that you remember that dreams are characteristics of each person and that the meaning behind them can vary from person to person. Also, it is common for dreams to project your concerns or desires that … Read More

Dream About Windows

In this article, you explore the meaning of dream about windows and what each type of this architectural element can represent in your dreams. From windows painted black to those covered with colorful curtains, you can check out a variety of window scenarios that can guide your concerns. It is … Read More