Kaizen Method

We explain what the Kaizen method in quality management is and its basic steps. In addition, we tell you its origin and how it is implemented. The Kaizen method works on what already exists, eliminating waste and optimizing tasks. What is the Kaizen method? In the business world and specifically … Read More


We explain what something profitable or profitable is, how it relates to expectations and how it influences investments. An investment that generates profits is profitable. What is something profitable? Something is said to be profitable or profitable when periodically reports some type of profit or economic benefit. This is a … Read More


We explain what a shopping center is, its characteristics and what types exist. In addition, we tell you how its origin was and what its function is. Large numbers of customers are concentrated in shopping centers. What is a shopping center? A shopping center or shopping center, also called mall … Read More


We explain what public relations is, its types and objectives. In addition, we tell you what public relations campaigns are. Public relations are part of strategic business communication. What is public relations? Public relations (abbreviated with the acronym RRPP) They are the set of actions and strategies available to companies … Read More

Business Staff

What is the staff of a company, how the term is used to designate different teams and differences with outsourcing. He staff It can be any work equipment, such as staff cooking, advertising and many more. What is the staff of a company? In the business world, it is called … Read More


We explain what a supplier is in the business world and what types exist. In addition, we tell you how supplier management is carried out. A supplier produces and markets what the company will need for its operation. What is a supplier? In the business and professional world, a supplier … Read More

Professional Skills

We explain what professional or work skills are, and what the basic, generic and specific skills are. Professional skills guarantee better performance at work. What are professional skills? Professional skills or work skills are those abilities, knowledge, skills and talents that a person has and that make them suitable for … Read More

Structuralist Theory of Administration

We explain what the structuralist theory of administration is and its characteristics. Also, what stages organizations go through. The structuralist theory offered a broad and comprehensive vision of the administrative fact. What is the structuralist theory of administration? The structuralist theory of administration (also known as the structuralist approach to … Read More

Just in Time Method

We explain what the method is just in time or Toyota method and what its principles are. In addition, we tell you how it was invented. With the method just in time Each element arrives when it is needed and in the right quantity. What is the method just in … Read More


We explain what it means to manage and what areas it covers in the business world. In addition, we tell you what good management looks like. Managing involves taking charge of satisfying the needs and objectives of the project. What is management? Manage means take charge of the administration of … Read More