Educational Software

What is educational software?

Software educational is a program designed with the purpose of facilitating the teaching and learning processes.

A software Education is a pedagogical tool developed specifically for this purpose. The software Educational programs are also called educational platforms, educational programs or educational informatics.

Due to the digital age we live in, software Education tools are increasingly necessary to be contemplated and incorporated into educational systems.

See also Educational system.

A software educational should not be confused with a educational resourcewhich is not created for educational purposes but can be used as a tool to facilitate teaching, such as: spreadsheets, slideshow programs, editing and design programs, among others.

Characteristics of a software educational

For a program to be considered a software education must meet, at least, the following five characteristics:

  • Have a learning objective
  • Need a digital device to access (computer, smartphoneetc.)
  • be interactive
  • Have the function of individualizing work
  • be easy to use

Types software educational

The software Education can be classified into the following types:

  • Exercisers: they are programs that include a series of exercises so that the student can solve and learn.
  • Tutorials: they are guides that reinforce topics learned in the classroom.
  • Simulators: represent equations, processes or natural phenomena in a visual and attractive way.
  • Educational games: use the game as a tool for learning.
  • Troubleshooting: Mix all the above tools into one program.

Examples of software educational

Today there is a variety of software free educational. Some examples of these pedagogical tools are:

  • Khan Academy: Educational NGO that offers online courses and multimedia material covering different primary and secondary subjects.
  • Geogebra: contains didactic exercises in mathematics and science.
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In the classification of applications you can find the following software educational:

  • Sebran
  • GCompris
  • kidsinspiration
  • DoodlePad
  • animated notebooks
  • Learn with Erika
  • Digital Tales
  • jclick
  • childsplay