what is export

As export we call the export action and effect. Exporting, in this sense, is the commercial activity that consists of selling products and services to another country. Likewise, as an export, it can be designated as set of goods that are exported. The word, as such, comes from the Latin exportation, exports.

In Economy as export can be considered the commercial operation consisting of sending goods or services outside the national territory. The shipment, likewise, can be made by any of the usual transport routes, such as sea, land or air.

The export involves legitimate traffic of goods and services that takes place from one customs territory to another. Customs territories, for their part, may correspond to a State or an economic bloc.

Exports, as such, are subject to a series of legal provisions and tax controls by the countries or economic blocks involved in the operation.

Direct and indirect export

The export It can be done directly by the production company, or indirectly, through intermediaries. As such, the direct export It is that strategy in which the company itself is in charge of the export process, being that in this way it can control, at the same time, the commercialization process, as well as gain knowledge about international markets, for which it uses salesmen, commercial agents , distribution companies or commercial subsidiaries.

For its part, the indirect export It is the one that is carried out through intermediaries that support the export process. The exporting company, in this sense, depends on contracting the services of purchasing agents in the country of destination, as well as companies of tradingwhich are responsible for the entire marketing process within the market that the company is targeting.

Difference between export and import

What export we call the action and effect of sending, for commercial purposes, goods and services from one country to another. The import, on the other hand, involves the purchase of goods and merchandise from other countries. In this sense, it can be considered that both export and import are recognized, basically, due to the perspective from which the commercial operation is observed: while, on the one hand, the country that sells merchandise to another country is exporting, on the other , the country you buy is importing.

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