what is generosity

Generosity is a quality that characterizes us by having a willingness to do good, to help others in an honest way, without expecting anything in return.

A person endowed with the virtue of generosity is a generous person, that is, someone noble who gives, shares, offers and acts with good spirits for the common good.

Generosity is normally associated with altruism, solidarity and philanthropy. Concepts opposed to generosity could be greed, stinginess and selfishness.

The value of generosity

Generosity is understood as a value that does not only attend to material goods, but also to offer goods such as time or help.

In social relationships, being generous is considered a very precious trait of kindness among people. Like many social values, it is related to empathy, the action of ‘putting oneself in another’s place’.

This value may vary depending on the person and the cultural and social environment. What in certain places can be considered a simple act of courtesy or education, in other cultures can be seen as a manifestation of enormous generosity.

But generosity has no defined limits and sometimes its excess can cause uncomfortable situations. There may also be cases where one person tries to take unfair advantage of another’s generosity.

examples of generosity

  • Share, make our assets, ideas or knowledge available to other people with the intention of helping.
  • Listen, let another person express themselves without interruptions or judgments, so that they feel supported.
  • Give thanks, give recognition to what the people around us do to benefit us or take care of us.
  • Collaborate, in daily tasks, in charitable causes, what matters is to contribute, in any way, to what others do for the benefit of all.
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