Hashtag Meaning (#)

What is Hashtag (#):

hashtag refers to the word or series of words or alphanumeric characters preceded by the hash symbol, also called a numeral or cat (#), used on certain internet web platforms. It is an English word that we can translate as ‘label’.

In this sense, the hashtags They’re a communication tool fundamentally used in publications (text, videos, audios, images, etc.) on social networks, to organize, classify or group publications according to their theme or content.

These tags make it possible to publicly present, and organized on the timeline, all the content that has the same tag, thus facilitating not only its location, but also the exchange of information or content between different users, on certain topics or events.

In Spanish, it is advisable to use the term ‘etiquette’ instead of hashtags. Other possible translations, depending on the situation, would be ‘category’ or ‘keyword’.

Characteristics of a hashtags

Sometimes when a hashtags is used by many users for a certain period of time, it becomes, specifically on Twitter, a trending topicthat is, a trend of the moment.

In the hashtags It is not necessary to make a distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters, however, you can take advantage of the use of these to differentiate one word from another and facilitate its readability, for example: #PresidentialElections2016.

The great advantage of hashtags is that give more visibility to a social media postallowing other users to monitor events or campaigns, news or events more effectively.

The hashtags They were first popularized on the platform of microblogging Twitter, and from there they have spread to other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+ or Telegram.

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Among the users of the different social networks, some hashtags are more frequently used than others that arise from specific events. Among the most popular we can highlight:

  • #MCMWhat does it mean Man Crush Monday or, in Spanish, ‘monday’s masculine crush’. It is used to post a photo of an attractive guy.
  • #WCWWhat does it mean Woman Crush Wednesday, that is, ‘Wednesday’s female crush’. It is used to upload a photo of a pretty girl.
  • #TBTWhat does it mean Throwback Thursdaywhich means going back in time on a Thursday, and refers to the publication of our old photos, especially those that remind us of good times.
  • #FBFWhat does it mean Flashback Friday, refers to going back in time on a Friday. It also supposes the publication of photos of past times.

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