We explain what arrogance is and why it is considered rude behavior. In addition, we tell you the origin of the word.

A haughty woman looks at herself in the mirror.
Someone haughty behaves as if he were better than others.

What is haughtiness?

the haughtiness It is an attitude of haughtiness, arrogance or arrogance that he has who looks at others over his shoulder, that is, as if he were better than the rest. the haughtiness It is considered rude behavior, disrespectful and impolite, especially when it comes to people traditionally worthy of respect, such as the elderly. People who display this behavior are called haughty.

Thus, for example, a person who is disrespectful and arrogant in front of his superiors, or in front of his parents and older relatives, is having an attitude of arrogance. It is possible to interpret arrogance as evidence of a desire to rebel against authority. and the established order.

The origin of this word goes back to the Latin adjective altanusused in Antiquity to refer to what comes from the depths or from the heights, as is the case of the wind that comes from the sea and sweeps the coast (altanus ventus). However, in medieval Castilian this word derived in haughtinessan adjective used to refer to the breeding of high-flying birds of prey (haughtiness hunting), which take advantage of the winds to glide.

From there he was also born haughty, used to refer to those who practiced falconry, who used to be nobles and members of the aristocratic class. Thus, by association, those who behave as if they were from the nobility or belonged to a higher class, are today called “haughty.”

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They are synonymous with arrogance: arrogance, arrogance, pedantry, conceit, petulance, presumption, pride and vanity. On the contrary, they are antonyms: humility, simplicity, modesty or submission.

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