Heart Emojis: Find Out What Each Color Means!

Heart emojis are the most used symbols on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks or digital platforms.

Each color has a meaning associated with a feeling or state of mind, such as love, passion or sadness, which is why they have become a new means of expression, especially among younger users.

These are the most popular heart emojis in the digital world with their respective meanings:

1. Red Heart Emoji: Passion

heart emoji

Copy and paste: ❤️

The red heart is the most used way to represent romantic love. It can also symbolize a strong bond, such as friendship or brotherly love.

2. Orange Heart Emoji – Friends Only

Heart emojis, orange heart

Copy and paste: 🧡

It is used when a person wants to express that they are only looking for a friendly relationship. It is a way of communicating that there is no interest in establishing a romantic bond, which is why it is widely used in online dating applications.

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3. Yellow Heart Emoji: Honesty

Heart emojis, yellow heart

Copy and paste: 💛

Like the red or pink heart, it is used to express friendship. On the other hand, a yellow heart means that the message being shared is sincere.

4. Purple Heart Emoji: Family

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💜

The violet, purple or purple heart emoji represents filial love, which is why it is often shared in messages between siblings or parents and children.

5. Blue Heart Emoji – Confidence

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💙

It is used to show that you trust the person to whom the message is sent. Similarly, the blue heart serves to raise awareness about autism, since this is the color associated with this condition.

6. Green Heart Emoji: Wellness

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💚

It is an expression of well-being, widely used in the world of fitness and healthy eating. Also, sending this emoji is seen as an expression of love for nature.

7. Black Heart Emoji: Sadness or Loss

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 🖤

Currently this emoji means pain, mourning or loss. Before the existence of colored emojis, the black heart was used to express love or friendship.

8. White Heart Emoji: Peace

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 🤍

Also known as a transparent heart, empty heart, or colorless heart, it signifies purity, peace, and innocence. It is used as a symbol to send relief in the face of loss.

9. Brown Heart Emoji – Ethnic Diversity

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 🤎

The brown heart emoji represents ethnic diversity, just as there are other emojis that feature faces or body parts with different skin tones. It is also related to wood, nature and the passion for chocolate.

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10. Arrow Heart Emoji – Love at first sight

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💘

It indicates that someone or something captivated us or “fleshed” us. It is an allusion to Cupid, so it is very common to use it to express love or passion, especially on special dates (Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, etc.)

This is the quintessential love emoji. It is used to express an intense connection, whether romantic or friendly.

11. Beating Heart Emoji – Intense Emotion

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💓

This heart is used to announce the arrival of a baby, since it simulates a beating heart. However, it also serves to express a very intense emotion that makes “the heart race.”

12. Sparkling Heart Emoji: New Beginnings

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💖

With this bright pink heart, illusion and joy are expressed for a bond that is beginning, be it love, professional or social. It alludes to the brightness of new things.

13. Heart on fire emoji: overflowing passion

Heart on fire

Copy and paste: ❤️‍🔥

Symbol of passionate love, also used to express that something excites us intensely. It is usually the union of a heart emoji and a flame of fire.

14. Red Heart Emoji with Circle Below

heart emoji

Copy and paste: ❣️

This emoji simulates an affectionate exclamation mark that can be used as a sign that we love something or someone.

It is also interpreted as a bleeding heart, which refers to loss or pain and is often used in the same way as a broken heart.

15. Growing Heart Emoji – Joy

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💗

This pink heart means jubilation, an overflowing joy. It is also used in place of the beating heart as a sign of a feeling that is growing.

16. Emoji of hearts: tenderness

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💕

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It is a symbol of friendship, especially between women. It also expresses tenderness.

17. Spinning Hearts Emoji – Love Reciprocated

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💞

Two spinning or dancing hearts represent requited love. It is also used as a symbol of friendship between two people.

18. Bow Heart Emoji – Delivery

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💝

This emoji is also known as linked heart or ribbon heart. It is used to say to someone “I give you my heart”. It also means that something has been given with love, like when we give a gift.

19. Heart Ornament Emoji – Love or Friendship

heart emoji

Copy and paste: 💟

It’s an emoji of a pink or red frame with the shape of a heart in its center. It is used as a card or button to decorate the romantic or friendship messages.

20. Band-Aid Heart Emoji: Getting Over a Breakup

heart healing

Copy and paste: ❤️‍🩹

Also known as a healing heart emoji or heart with a bandage, it is the union of a heart emoji and another of an adhesive band. It is used to say that the heart is recovering after a love break, or in the context of recovery after an illness.

21. Broken Heart Emoji: Breakup
heart emojis, broken heart

Copy and paste: 💔

Expresses pain for a relationship or bond that has ended. It also serves to express disappointment or loss of confidence in the other.

22. Emoji of hearts on the face: crush

heart emoji

Copy paste: 🥰

This emoji is used to express to the recipient that we are very much in love. Between close friends, it implies a very special friendly bond.

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