Homophones: What They Are and 104 Examples

Homophones are words that sound or they are pronounced the samebut its spelling and meaning are different.

For example, Maya Y mesh They sound the same, but they have meanings very different.

Maya it can refer to a member of the ancient civilization that receives the same name; mesh refers to a fabric made of metal.

The Homophones words and the homograph words (which are written the same, but their meaning is different) make up the set of homonymous words.

In certain Spanish-speaking areas, such as some Latin American countries, there are words that are considered homophones, but in other regions they are not. This is due to a phenomenon called lispwhich consists of the pronunciation of the sound /z/ as /s/.

For example, well Y sedimentcan be homophones in regions where seseo is common, since both are pronounced /sediment/; in areas where each phoneme has its own pronunciation, they are not homophones.

Examples of homophones

Below we offer a selection of 104 examples, those marked with an asterisk

they are homophones only in regions with seseantes speakers. Berry – Fence
Mayan – Mesh Oh – There is
Hi wave Cow – Cow
Blind – Mow
bagar – wander Hello – Ayo
Vello – Beautiful Council – Council
Vessel – Spleen
browse – browse Usage – Spindle
Bazaar base
Marry – Hunt
Vote – Throw Vein – Beta
Shortcut – Shortcut Balar-Valar
manor – Step
Until – Asta Clog
– Swedish Ovo-Obo
Bacillar – Waver Trample – Trample
Palla – Paya Iron – Iron
Dry – Mint
Fail – Faya Orca – Gallows
Sanco – Stilt
Honda – Wave Vowel – Mouthpiece
Grim – Grim Chicken – Poyo
Geta – Jeta Gauze – Strip
Holear – Olear
I disregarded – skinned Rooster – Gaius
Buso – Diver
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Mushroom – Zeta

Voice– You
Hoya – Pot volley – volleyArt – Harte

Jackfruit – Llaca Time– You see
Nava – Turnip Cabo – Cavo Key – Callus

To close – SawSentences with homophones
¡ Hello ! I can help?

The surfers are waiting for the wave.
Count Lucanor was always accompanied by his tutorPatron.

As much as I search, no Hello
a solution. This singer is top levelvocal

. I need abottle
to pour the wine. Tuscany is a place beautiful

. The peach is reddish and its skin hashair
. Until that we are not all, we will not leave.

The flags will fly at medium pole .
The traditional Dutch shoe is the clog.

I bought a piece of furniture Swedish and assembled it myself.
The second letter of the Greek alphabet is beta .

That stain is from vein From the wood.
The berry it is a wild fruit.

It’s closed, we’ll have to skip the

  • fence
  • .

Do you want aglassof water?We went to the emergency room because I had thespleeninflamed.The horses go tosteplight.Last summer we stayed in apazoin Galicia.See also:NamesakePolysemy