What is the Islam

Islam is a revealed monotheistic religion that informs and configures a cultural and civilizing system. Believers in Islam are called Muslims.

Islam is monotheistic because it affirms full faith in a single, all-knowing and all-powerful god named Allah or Allah. Knowledge and belief in Allah constitute the genuine foundation of Islam.

Islam affirms that in the creation of Allah is found the meaning that life follows a sublime end beyond the physical needs and material activities of man.

Characteristics of Islam

The 5 fundamental pillars in Islam are:

  1. The profession of faith: declare faith in the unity of Allah and that Muhammad or Muhammad is your messenger.
  2. as-salah: are the 5 prayers of the day divided into fajr or dawn, ad duhr or noon, Asr or in the afternoon, Mafrib or dusk and Isha or at night
  3. Fasting in the month of Ramadan (the ninth month of the lunar calendar).
  4. The zakat either azaque, Translated into Spanish as alms, it implies sharing resources with those in need.
  5. The Greater Pilgrimage: pilgrimage at least once in life to the sacred Ka’bah or Mecca.

Other characteristics of the general current of Islam are:

  • The Quran is a divine guide to govern the life of its believers called Muslims. Muslims consider the Koran to be the word of Allah revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through the Archangel Gabriel (jibrail),
  • The temples of Islam are called mosques.,
  • They are based on the lunar calendar calling it Islamic or Muslim calendar. This calendar begins in the year 622 when Mohammed “emigrates” along with the Muslims from Mecca to Medina (hegira),
  • Friday is the day of congregation muslim,
  • The 3 types of traditional garments worn by women from Christianity and Judaism are: the hijabs or Islamic veil, which is a scarf that covers the hair; the Niqabthat only leaves the eyes uncovered; Y the burqa either Afghan Burqa, It covers both the face and the body.
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Origin of Islam

The Prophet Muhammad, also known as Muhammad, was born between 570 and 580 in Mecca o Makkah. From the year 610, Mohammed begins to preach the revelations of the only true god of him, Allah.

Muhammad flees from Mecca to Medina (Yathrib) in the year 622 beginning the Muslim calendar. In La Medina he consolidates himself as a warrior chief and returns victorious in the year 630 to Mecca, gradually imposing his authority and religion.

Muhammad dies 2 years later, leaving behind a nation united by faith and a politically united Arabia.

Muhammad’s successors caliphs or political leaders and supreme religious authority, conquered in less than 100 years an empire that extended from Spain, through North Africa, to Asia Minor.

The word Islam derives from the Arabic root slm which means peace, purity, submission, salvation and obedience to God.

what is the koran

The Koran is a divine guide to govern the lives of its believers called Muslims. Muslims consider the Qur’an to be the word of Allah revealed to the prophet Muhammad through the archangel Gabriel or Jibrail, therefore it is sacred.

The Quran is divided into 114 suras or chapters, each with its ayat or verses. The suras They are ordered in descending order according to the length of the text.

The main source of Islamic law is the Koran. Koranic law or fiqh it is a revealed right and regulates the life of the Muslim in his triple quality of believer, man and citizen.

islam and women

The Koran, a holy book with the revelations of Allah, treats both men and women equally.

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The Qur’an speaks about the virtue and intelligence of women in various fields. An example, not exclusive, is the description he makes of the women of the prophet showing their different facets and importance:

  • Khadija: the business woman.
  • Aisha: the scholar and military leader.
  • Umm Salama: the model of reasoned intelligence and calm.
  • Fatima: the daughter who is happy to take care of the house.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism

Islam, Christianity and Judaism represent the 3 current monotheistic religions that believe in the existence of only one God.

Islam says that Muhammad received from Allah the culmination of the revelations that had previously been given to the ancient Hebrews and Christians.

According to Islam, the revelation came to Muhammad because both the Hebrews and the Christians violated the covenant with God.

The Hebrews would have violated the covenant with God by slandering Mary and Jesus, and the Christians would also have violated this covenant by elevating Jesus to equality with God through the concept of a trinity.

For this reason, Islam conceives of itself as the last call to salvation for all mankind.

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