Meaning of 24/7

What is 24/7:

The abbreviation 24/7 expresses a period that covers twenty-four hours a day, and seven days a week.

It is currently widely used to refer to the services provided by a company or to mention any other type of activities that are carried out every day of the week and on a continuous and uninterrupted schedule.

It is said that the use of the term 24/7 spread after the year 1989, when the singer Dino Esposito released his debut album entitled 24/7.

Since then this expression has been used in a large number of songs, especially those with a romantic tone in which the intentions of being with someone for a long time are expressed.

Likewise, 24/7 has been applied to different labor activities, especially in the loan of services. For example, those related to customer service, technical services, medical or health services, emergency assistance, vehicle assistance, mailing, restaurants, hotels, among others.

This also has to do with the need and commitment of companies or businesses to offer a service that meets the needs of its customersputting at your disposal a quality service at all times.

In this sense, 24/7 express immediate availability. This is of great value to customers, since they know that they have technical support or service at any time and day of the week if they have an eventuality that they cannot solve personally.

However, although many people know the meaning of 24/7, and interpret it as an easy and direct description of a service or activity, not everyone has this information, which is why many confuse it with a mathematical fraction, but out of this field changes meaning.

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What does 24/7 mean in love?

in romantic relationships expresses the commitment and total availability that exists in a coupleto be together at any time, situation or place.

See also Commitment and AM and PM.