Meaning of Ad Hoc

What is ad hoc:

Ad hoc it means “for this purpose” or “for this”. It is a Latin phrase that is often used to indicate that a certain event is temporary and is intended for that specific purpose.

A test ad hoca method ad hoca position or a function ad hocare examples that define the creation of something provisional, which will only serve a certain purpose.

In the legal context, the expression is used when someone is appointed to perform a specific task.

In law, lawyer ad hoc means the temporary hiring of a lawyer for the public defense of a defendant who appears at a hearing without a professional to defend him.

In science, a hypothesis ad hoc it is normally created with the intention of trying to prove what a new proposed theory cannot explain, preventing it from being discredited.

In philosophy, hypotheses ad hoc They also arise as invented arguments based on the very fact that is intended to be explained.

ad hoc network

In computing, a network ad hoc is a temporary connection between multiple computers and devices used for a specific purpose, for example, network gaming, sharing documents, sharing printers, sharing the Internet with network users, etc.

The networks ad hoc are wireless networks in which interconnected computers communicate directly with each other without the need for a router.

According to your application the networks ad hoc They can be classified into three types: Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET), Wireless Networks Mesh and Sensor networks.

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