Meaning of Advent

What is Advent:

an advent is the arrival, coming or arrival of someone or something to a place, position or position.

The word, as such, derives from the Latin verb adventwhich is formed with the prefix ad-, which means ‘towards’, and the root comewhich translates ‘come’, and we can translate it into Spanish as ‘arrive’.

The word advent is a cultism, less used than its synonyms arrival or coming, therefore it is restricted above all to more formal communication situations or specific events.

For example, one speaks of advent in reference accession of a pope to office: “The advent of the new Supreme Pontiff Francis aroused great joy.”

We also speak of advent in reference to the rise to power of a king or a royal house. In Spain, for example, there is talk of the advent of the Bourbon house, which occurred in 1713, after a succession war that led to Philip V’s accession to the throne.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, it is also known by the name of advent the arrival of the messiah which, in the case of Christianity, is represented in Jesus Christ.

advent of jesus

In Christianity, it is known as the advent of Jesus or Christ, the arrival of the announced messiah. In the Christian liturgical year, the preparation for the arrival of Jesus Christ begins in the Advent period, which is marked from the four Sundays before Christmas, which is the date set for the advent.

See also Advent.

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