Meaning of Animica

What is Animica:

psychic it is relative to the soul, to the psychic and spiritual state. The word soulish has its origin in the Latin “animates” “encourage” What does it mean “blew it either breathing”, later identified with “life” and, finally, expresses “soul”, add the suffix “ico” which indicates “quality of”, as a result the term soulish means “the quality of breath, of life, of the soul”.

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the state of mind it’s a psychological state in which the individual expresses the affective and emotional experiences that he is experiencing. In this way, the state of mind differs from an emotional situation because its duration is prolonged. Also, it is distinguished from emotions since it is less intense, it is not activated by a stimulus and it is more lasting.

Likewise, mood states are characterized by a good or bad state of mind that allow the person to express how they feel at a certain moment, for example “I don’t feel good mentally”.

For psychoanalysis, the state of mind It is an expression or symptom dependent on unconscious, subjective processes and whose expression is manifested in behavior and physical somatizations. capable of presenting themselves in the form of conditions such as: headache, constipation, among others.

A soulful personis a psychic being, who lives by the mind and by the emotional part.

The word soul is used as a synonym for: moral, psychic, spirituality, emotional, immaterial, among others. Some antonyms of the referred word are: material, corporal, etc.

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The animic term translated into English is “mental”.