Meaning of Atheist

What is Atheist?

The term atheist applies to people who deny the existence of God. The etymological origin of the word atheist is ateusfrom Latin, and from Greek atheistsformed by the prefix a- what does “without” mean and theos which means “God”. Consequently, the word atheists means “without God.”

The term atheist was born in Ancient Greece to describe those people who denied the deities worshiped by much of society.

The atheist person is characterized by not believing in God or other gods. He denies the existence of a supreme, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent being, but he can accept a religion, since there are religions such as Buddhism or Hinduism, which deny the existence of God.

The atheist can have a positive attitude or practice, which passionately defends the non-existence of any God. There are also atheists with negative attitudewhich are characterized by denying the existence of a God, for lack of evidence to the contrary.

Currently, many famous people have declared their atheism, such as Keira Knightley, Javier Barden, Jualianne Moore, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Hawking, Daniel Radcliffe, among others.

The countries with the greatest tendency towards atheism are Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, or the Netherlands.

atheist and agnostic

The atheist, as was said before, does not fully believe in the existence of God.

For his part, the agnostic is based on empiricism. He affirms that the human being does not have the experience to prove the existence of God, so he cannot deny the presence of God.

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Atheism in philosophy

Atheism is a philosophical position that does not believe in any type of divinity, that is, not in God, Allah, among others. It is the opposite of theism, due to the rejection of the belief in any God.

The atheist, however, remains open to whatever proof or evidence the theist can offer. If he is convincing, he will accept it, but in the meantime he lives his life without believing in any God.

atheism symbol

With regard to the symbol of atheism, there is not one as such, but there are two that are widely used. One of them contains an “A”, and a “T” in a circle. As for the other symbol is a circle with a square inside, very similar to the previous one.

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