Meaning of Body

What is the Body:

It is known as the body set of all the material parts that make up the organism of the human being and animal. However, the expression body is assumed as Synonym of corpse that is, to the lifeless body.

The word body is of Latin origin. corpus referring to the figure of the human body that is formed by head, trunk and extremities whose study of its structure and morphology is called anatomy.

The expression body has several meanings, it all depends on the context in which it is used, for example:

  • Body is everything that has a limited extension and causes an impression on the senses of the human being due to qualities that are characteristic of it, for example: “the courageous examination that a strange body In the lungs”.
  • In geometrybody is the object in which you can see its three sides: longitude, latitude and depth.
  • In physicalbody is also known as a physical object, it is characterized by having mass, weight and volume, then a body or object is a set of masses that form a single unit.
  • In the astronomy, celestial body is the planet, star or other object in space. Likewise, as a body it is considered the important part of a book or work, without taking into account the index, preliminaries, conclusion, etc.
  • As a body, in the same way, we refer to the group of people who perform the same function, for example: fire brigade, soldiers, police force. At this point, you can add what is known as dance body the set of dancers that make up a play, piece, etc.
  • To level anthropologicalthe body is seen as the one that allows the realization of all the activities carried out by man, be it corporeal, intrapersonal relationships, communication, socialization, among others.
  • In the field of law, the body of crime It is the thing or object by means of which a crime has been committed or in which there are signs of the commission of a crime, for example: the weapon.
  • There is a colloquial phrase with the term under study, “the body asks me” , It is used to express the need that a person feels to do something, for example: my body asks me to dance, my body asks me for vacations.
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The cultivation of the body and the balance of the body and mind has been a much discussed topic since modern times which is reflected in the use of the phrase “Healthy mind in a healthy body”.

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body in philosophy

In philosophy, the body has been studied together with the soul. According to Plato, the body was the prison of the soul with whom man identifies, that is, for Platonic philosophy the soul is more real than the body.

On the contrary, with Aristotle, the body was appreciated as a reality of man, without which it cannot be understood as man. As such, the body was elevated to the highest consideration of the human.

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Body of Christ

For Catholics, the body of Christ is the bread of the Eucharist. Likewise, the body of Christ is the name given to the church founded by Jesus Christ, those who have faith in Christ and the Sacrament of Baptism are part of the church.