Meaning of Childcare

What is Childcare:

The childcare It is the science that deals with the health care of children during their first years of life. It is made up of two Latin words: puerwhich means ‘child’, and culturewhich translates ‘cultivation’, ‘rearing’.

As such, childcare is a term that can refer, on the one hand, simply to the childhood health care packageand, on the other, to the science that deals systematically with this care.

In this sense, the childcare It is a complementary discipline to the pediatricsassociated more specifically with the preventive pediatricswhich is made up of a series of techniques, rules and procedures used to offer the child suitable conditions for a healthy development in its physical, physiological, psychological and social aspects, from the moment of its conception (and even before), until six years of age, being able to extend until puberty.

The childcarewith the purpose of ensuring optimal growth, attends to different facets related to the child’s health, such as growth, nutrition, psychomotor development, immunization and disease prevention, and the development of aptitudes and language skills, as well as as everything related to the conditions of the environment (physical, social) of its development.

The fundamental objective of childcare is to ensure the ideal conditions so that the child population can have a healthy development at a physiological, psychological and social level.

Childcare and its divisions

Childcare can be subdivided according to the stage of development of the child it cares for. Thus, there are:

Preconception childcare

The preconception childcare It is the one that encompasses all the events and conditions of the couple before the moment of conception. In this sense, it examines and analyzes the health status of future parents; determines, rules out, treats or prevents diseases (hereditary or not) that could affect the child’s health; all this without neglecting its guiding function in terms of parenthood planning and other related social, economic and moral factors.

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The conceptional or prenatal childcare

What conceptional or prenatal childcare the one that covers all the events that occur from the fertilization of the ovum, through gestation, to childbirth, and which is in charge of the hygiene, health and nutrition care of the pregnant woman; adequate prenatal medical surveillance, information regarding the gestation process, and physical and psychological preparation for the moment of delivery.

postnatal childcare

The postnatal childcare covers the period of growth and development of the child, from birth to 6 years of age. It is subdivided into newborn or neonatal childcare and early and late childhood childcare.

The newborn childcare It includes all the hygiene care, food, clothing, rest, immunization, etc., that the child needs during its first weeks of life, as well as the guidance that the mother may require during her postpartum recovery process.

The early and late childhood childcare It covers from two months to two years of age (early childhood), and from three to six years (second). During the first stage, special attention is paid to aspects such as the speed of the child’s growth and development, the development of psychomotor and language skills, nutrition, and immunizations (vaccines); while during the second, it focuses on the introduction of the child in the school environment, monitors the development of their skills and the progress in their learning, as well as everything related to their health care, hygiene and natural nutrition. growth stage.