Meaning of Cleanliness

What is Cleaning:

cleanliness is the action and effect of removing dirt from a surface by physical or chemical methods.

The word cleaning derives from the word clean and the suffix -eza. Clean, derived from Latin limpiduswhich refers to something “clear” or “without blemishes”.

Cleaning is synonymous with hygiene, care, neatness. Among its antonyms are the words dirt or filth.

Cleanliness, as a value, is considered integrity and rectitude, compared to the intentions with which a person behaves in a situation, for example, a clean heart.

In this sense, “play fair” or “play fair” means to faithfully comply with the rules of a game or a sport.

cleaning in medicine

Cleaning is defined, in the medical area, as the procedures for removing remains, both organic and inorganic, from a surface.

Cleaning in nursing

In nursing, for example, cleaning is a mandatory step before disinfection and sterilization techniques, which together form part of the procedures to create the ideal situation of a reality without dirt.


The cleaning service is a person or company that provides order and eliminates dirt in the workplace, home or public places through physical methods such as sweeping, brushing or vacuuming, and chemical methods, such as the use of disinfectants.

Cleaning products

Cleaning products refer to those chemical agents that help to eliminate what is not considered hygienic.

See also Hygiene.

Cleaning and disinfection

The cleaning and disinfection of a surface is a mandatory process in medical matters, associated with the asepsis and antisepsis of a place for its subsequent treatment or prevention of infections and diseases.

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