Meaning of Competencies

What are Competences:

Competencies are those skills, abilities and knowledge that a person has to efficiently perform a given task.

Competencies are characteristics that enable someone in a certain field. They not only include theoretical aptitudes, but also define thinking, character, values ​​and the good handling of problematic situations.

Competencies are acquired through learning and training of people; they are a fundamental tool for the exercise in the field where these competences are necessary.

They combine the skills and ability to perform a function effectively and transversally over time, generally defined in the professional or production field.

Types of competitions

Competencies are defined according to the area in which they are executed. There are several types of competencies that can be divided into basic competencies, generic competencies and specific competencies.

Basic skills

Basic skills, or also called skills for life, help the individual to insert himself properly in a certain social context, such as adaptation, respect and tolerance. It is usually associated with universal values.

See also Respect.

generic skills

Generic competencies are also defined as core competencies. Generic skills are those that are useful in all kinds of professions or jobs, such as teamwork, proactivity, empathy or creativity.

See also Creativity.

Specific skills

Specific competences refer to those that are necessary in a professional field or in a specific area. Some of them are:

  • Labor skills: are those defined in the framework of a job or profession that determine performance and efficiency at work, such as motivation, knowledge and ability.
  • Teaching skills: are defined for the transmission of knowledge effectively. Some teaching skills are the organization and animation of learning situations, the management of student progress and the ability to inform and involve parents about their children’s learning.
  • Communication skills: are those that demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively while respecting both grammatical rules and those in the field of linguistics (lexical, phonetic and semantic).
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