Meaning of Creative Thinking

What is Creative Thinking:

Creative thinking is known as method or strategy that allows the resolution of problems or the development of new ideas and conceptsand that is characterized by an original, flexible and unconventional approach.

In this sense, creative thinking means seeing things differently, thinking beyond the conventional and questioning the way in which we traditionally face a problem or issue, in order to, from there, achieve a satisfactory and innovative solution.

To put creative thinking to work, it is convenient to apply the lateral thinkingwhich is a technique created by Edward deBonoexpert author in the area, which consists of approaching problems in an indirect way and with a creative approach, organizing our thought processes in an unusual way to find new combinations and ideas that, otherwise, we probably could not access.

creative thinking can be encouraged, learned and developed through a set of techniques and exercisesand can be applied in such disparate fields of human activity as business management, technological innovation, political management, artistic creation or domestic life itself.

There are multitudes of creative thinking techniquesranging from brainstorming or brainstormingthe six thinking hats, mental maps, among others, are methods that allow you to stimulate the flow of ideas and activate creativity applied to problem solving.

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