Meaning of Cultural Identity

What is Cultural Identity:

By cultural identity we refer to the set of peculiarities of a culture or group that allow individuals to identify themselves as members of this groupbut also differentiate themselves from other cultural groups.

Cultural identity encompasses aspects as diverse as the language, the system of values ​​and beliefs, the traditions, the rites, the customs or the behaviors of a community. This set of particularities, heritage and cultural heritage of the community, is what has been historically defining the cultural identity of the peoples.

The identity of a cultural group is an element of an immaterial or anonymous nature, which has been the work of a collective construction; in this sense, it is associated with the history and memory of peoples.

cultural identity serves as a cohesive element within a social groupsince it allows the individual to develop a sense of belonging to the group with which he identifies based on common cultural traits.

However, cultural identity is not a fixed concept but rather a dynamic one, since it is constantly evolving, continuously feeding and transforming itself from outside influence and the new historical realities of the people in question.

It should also be remembered that cultural identity, although it is generally linked to a particular geographic territory or a nation, can persist in groups or communities outside their country, such as refugees, emigrants, displaced persons or exiles. .

See also National Identity.

Likewise, an individual can identify with more than one cultural group, or with several cultural identities within a more or less homogeneous group, which would lead to interculturality.

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