Meaning of Devotion

What is Devotion:

devotion is the love or fondness that a person feels towards someone or something. The word, as such, has two meanings, one religious, referring to the veneration of God, and the other general, which alludes to a certain inclination or special affection. It is a voice that comes from Latin devoted, devotiononis.

For some religions, devotion is an act by which the faithful express their disposition to God, to worship him and fulfill his will. Christianity considers that the supreme devotion is to God, although it admits that there are other types of devotions, such as that of the Virgin Mary or that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, among others, which are ultimately directed to God.

In its common usage, devotion simply refers to the attraction or liking that a person may feel towards something (an idea, a vocation) or someone (a person, a saint, a deity, etc.). For example: “She worked devotedly for a year to write his book.”

devotion in christianity

Devotion is the interior act in which the human being gives himself totally to the service of God. It is an act of love and worship of God. It is expressed through worship, which in turn is based on doctrine, which are the truths revealed by God, and devotion itself, which is the devotion of the devotee for said truths.

According to Christianity, the supreme devotion is towards God, however, we can also feel devotion to the Virgin and the saints, since this devotion is ultimately directed to God, who was the one who infused grace into them. It is important to note that devotion is not the same as adoration, since the latter can only be professed towards God.

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Marian devotion

Marian devotion or devotion to the Blessed Virgin is that which is professed to the Mother of God, which has arisen since ancient times in the Catholic Church and is based on her divine motherhood. The Virgin Mary for Christian doctrine is special, because she takes part in the mysteries of Jesus Christ by being chosen by the grace of God. Mary is the example of faith, charity and perfect union with Christ. For this reason, the Virgin was exalted, after her Son, above all angels and men.