Meaning of Dispossession

dispossession is willingly deprive someone of something they had through deception or physical or moral violence. Dispossession is synonymous with looting, stripping, loot and looting.

In more formal or poetic terms, the word dispossession is used to cause an emotional impact by usurping or remnants of somethingsuch as, the dispossession of death, the dispossession of life, the dispossession of time, the dispossession of riches or the dispossession of land.

The dispossession of Latin American lands with the arrival of Europeans at the time of the discoveries is also a crime against humanity, that is, a crime against humanity. At present, land dispossession, water dispossession and real estate dispossession is considered a crime punishable by imprisonment.

Dispossession also refers to the remains of animals for human consumption of lesser value.

Dispossession comes from the Latin I will depoliate which means to dispossess, strip or plunder.

crime of dispossession

The crime of dispossession is charged to whoever voluntarily occupies someone else’s property (house or land) under threat, deception or physical or moral violence. making use of it without real right.

The crime of dispossession in the Federal Penal Code of Mexico Chapter V Articles 395 and 396 contemplates a sentence of 3 months to 5 years in prison and a fine of 50 to 500 pesos. The dispossession of urban real estate in the Federal District has more aggravating sanctions.

The crime of dispossession should not be confused with the eviction of a property. Although related, eviction specifically refers to eviction for the term of a lease.

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