Meaning of Ecstasy

What is Ecstasy:

The term ecstasy comes from the Greek έκ-στασις (ek-stasis) and refers to state of soul of a person characterized by a intense feeling of joy, pleasure, admiration, etc. towards something or someone. The person cannot take his attention away from it.

ecstasy is a state of maximum plenitude that implies a disconnection with the reality that is seen to focus on the interior.

In some religions, reaching a state of ecstasy means coming to have a mystical encounter which refers to the state of union of the soul with some divinity or with nature, characterized by the temporary suspension of bodily functions, all the senses and the mind.

See also metaphysics

Also ecstasy is a synthetic drug or chemical, an illegal psychoactive substance called MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), has a bitter taste and produces hallucinations, euphoria, has aphrodisiac effects, also empathy, and is extremely harmful to health, causing a great state of joy or madness, depression, even dehydration, tachycardia, hypertension, or death at the person who eats it In addition, its manufacture, its sale and its possession are crimes that can end in criminal proceedings. In general, it is consumed in the form of pills, also called “the love drug”, but it is also consumed in powder form, which is colloquially called crystal due to its crystalline form. Ecstasy does not generate physical dependence.

It is usually called sexual ecstasy to any type of orgasm, be it male or female.

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