Meaning of Effusive

Effusive it’s a adjective which means that it manifests itself with effusion or effusiveness, intensely expressing feelings of affection and joy.

Some terms that have a similar meaning They are: Loving, Warm, Affectionate, Passionate, Intense, and Energetic.

Some of the terms that can be considered antonyms of effusive are: cold, distant and rough.


A warm greeting it is a way of greeting with great intensity showing great joy and delight. The forms of greeting are varied depending on the customs of each culture.

Some factors why people greet each other effusively are the state of mind, their own personality and the relationship, closeness and trust existing with the other person.

A example An effusive greeting can be a hug between two friends made with force, great fuss and long duration.

This word comes from the Latin effūsus.

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