Meaning of Egoism

What is Egoism:

Egoism is called the attitude of someone who manifests a excessive self-loveand that only deals with what is for their own interest and benefit, without attending or repairing the needs of the rest.

The word, as such, comes from the Latin egowhich means ‘I’, and is composed with the suffix -ismwhich indicates the attitude of someone who only shows interest in their own.

selfishness too It can be recognized in all those actions carried out for personal interestl, for their own benefit, and without looking at the needs, opinions, tastes or interests of others. Acts performed in this way can be described as selfish.

Selfishness, as such, is an attitude that hinders the relationship with others, since the selfish person Treats and makes others feel as if they don’t exist, or as if their concerns or ideas don’t matter. Hence, it is also compared to the individualism.

In this sense, selfishness is an antivalueopposed to such important values ​​for human coexistence as solidarity, gratitude or altruism.

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moral egoism

In Philosophy, moral or ethical egoism is a system of philosophical thought according to which people always act for their own benefit, but ethically and rationally, with respect for others, obeying common sense, and honoring axioms such as “no Do to others what you don’t want them to do to you.”

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Selfishness according to the Bible

Selfishness is an attitude that opposes the love of neighbor, preached by the Christian faith. In this regard, the biblical text states:

“Do nothing out of selfishness or vainglory, but with a humble attitude, each one of you considers the other as more important than himself, each one not looking for his own interests, but rather the interests of others” (PhilippiansII: 3-4).

Egoism in Psychology

From a psychological perspective, selfishness alludes to a set of behaviors of the human being that can be manifested in:

  • egotismwhich is the feeling of someone who has an exaggerated idea of ​​their own importance;
  • egocentrismwhich is the attitude of someone who believes that everything revolves solely around their interests, and,
  • asocialwhich is that of someone who does not show any interest in other people or in integrating into social life.