Meaning of Ephemeris

What is Ephemeris:

The term ephemerides, also called ephemeris or ephemeris, comes from the Greek ἐφήμερος, ephemeraWhat does it mean dailyand in Latin, ephemerisWhat does it mean calendar.

In astronomy, it is a guide or table of values ​​that gives the positions of astronomical objects in the sky at a given time or times.

The term ephemeris has also been used for one of the early applications of mechanical computers and continues to apply generally to a simple printed table.

The word ephemeral, which means that lasts a dayhas the same etymology.

An event is a relevant fact written to be remembered or commemorated, celebrated on a certain day, and is also a chronological succession of dates with their respective events. Ephemeris are classified in different ways, for example, historical, hagiographic or vexillological.

There are astronomical ephemeris and also monarchical anniversaries. These are terms used by magicians, astronomers, astrologers and monarchs to announce both some heavenly eventssuch as eclipses, comets, as for see the position of the stars to make signatures and imperial treaties according to the position of the stars, planets, satellites, comets and asteroids, on a given day.

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In general, the position of the stars is found in a set of tables that indicate their position for each day of the year. Nowadays, astronomical ephemerides are calculated by algorithms, although in the long term they are not totally certain due to the disturbances of numerous asteroids whose mass is not known and therefore uncertain results are generated.

The GPS navigation satellites they transmit electronic ephemeris information to calculate their own location on Earth.

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Astrological ephemerides are used by astrologers, these can be the same as astronomical ones or be based on the constellations, called geocentric ephemeris, used in Western astrology to construct the birth chart. There are also heliocentric ephemeris, based on the constellations seen from the Sun.