Meaning of Evoke

What is Evoke:

To evoke is a regular verb that means bring to memory or imaginationand which can also refer to the action of call the spirits. As such, the word comes from the Latin evokewhich translates ‘to call’, ‘to summon’.

To evokein the sense of to remember, is to revive internally. It can be about sensations, feelings or emotions experienced in the past that we bring to the present with memory.

Can evoke feelings when we remember pleasant or difficult situations; can evoke emotions when we remember what we experience in specific situations: the joy of one piece of news, the sadness of another.

We can also to evoke images or situations with our imagination when we read a literary text. Literature evokes with words moments, feelings, emotions or ideas that move the sensibility. This is best verified in the use of metaphors: saying “river of souls” to signify the displacement of a crowd, or “withered spirit” to indicate sadness, could be some examples.

To evoke can also relate to resembleand is used to establish comparisons between two things, where one of them, due to its resemblance to the other, brings it to mind: “Dressed like this you evoke to your mother”.

evoke in spiritualism

within the spiritualistic practices, to evoke You may refer to call the spirits, the dead, or a supernatural entity, such as a demon or angelic being. According to this theory, through evocation a person endowed with gifts to establish communication with this type of entity is able to recognize its attributes and characteristics, and determine the type of purposes for which it could be useful, with the aim of invoking it in the future.

In ancient times, the Romans used evocations to win battles. They made rituals where they contacted the protective deity of an enemy site and tried to win her over to her cause by offering her better temples and a better endowed cult as a reward if she favored them in the fight.

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The evocations, for their part, have not diminished with the passing of time. Currently, numerous spiritual practices and beliefs continue to employ evocation rituals to contact spirits, as is the case of shamanic traditions and Santeria,

Many times, due to their resemblance, to evoke is confused with invoke. However, both words can be synonymous when it comes to calling (evoke, invoke) spirits or supernatural entities.