Meaning of Exotic

What is Exotic:

As exotic we designate something or someone who is foreign, or who comes from a distant or unknown place. The word, as such, comes from the Latin exotecuswhich in turn comes from the Greek ἐξωτικός (exōtikós), which is derived from ἔξω (éxō), whose meaning is ‘outside’.

Thus, exotics can be a country or culture very distant, unknown or far from usthat due to their peculiarities and their differences in customs, culture or, even, the landscape, are strange, novel, or fascinating. For example: exotic music, exotic culture, exotic language, exotic food, etc.

Hence, we also consider exotic all those things that we find strange, shocking or extravagant compared to what we know and consider normal. For example: “I bought an exotic dress that women wear in the Sahara.”

synonyms of exotic They are strange, weird, singular, peculiar, extravagant, shocking, unusual, foreign, or foreign. antonyms They are normal, common, vulgar.

In Englishexotic translates exotic. For example: “I love to visit exotic places” (I love visiting exotic places).

exotic in biology

In biology, we call exotic, or foreign or non-native, a all that animal or vegetable species that is found is an environment different from that which is its natural environment. Alien species usually constitute an environmental problem, since they generate ecological imbalances by disrupting the normal development of life where they are introduced. That is why, in addition, it is considered one of the main causes of the loss of biodiversity. The main factor involved in the transfer of a species from one habitat to another is man, and for this reason in many countries this matter is regulated.

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