Meaning of Family Violence

What is Family Violence:

The domestic violence Domestic violence is a type of abuse that occurs when one of the members of the family deliberately incurs physical or emotional mistreatment towards another.

The domestic violence usually occurs in the home environmentalthough they can also occur in other types of places, as long as two people related by consanguinity or affinity are involved.

In the situations of domestic violence there are two roles, one active, abuserand another passive, of who suffers abuse. The abuser is usually a person who imposes his authority, physical force or power to abuse another member of his family.

The abusesThey are generally made up of physical assaults, impositions either bad treatmentsand can cause Physical damagessuch as bruises or bone fractures, or psychicsuch as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or social isolation.

As such, it is classified as a public health problem and, consequently, requires policies, programs and campaigns emanated from the competent bodies to prevent and educate the population about the consequences of domestic violence and encourage the reporting of this type of situation, because, despite the fact that it is punishable by law and leads to a series of legal sanctions, many people, due to fear or misinformation, do not do so.

Types of family violence

physical violence

The physical violence It is one where an individual imposes himself on another by the use of force, inflicting minor bodily harm, which does not require medical attention, or other more serious ones, such as bone fractures, bruises, bleeding, burns, etc. It is a very serious type of violence, since it threatens the physical integrity of the person and in extreme cases can lead to death.

emotional violence

The emotional violence involves a series of behaviors that may include verbal abuse, abandonment, rejection, intimidation, blackmail, manipulation, or isolation. In general, the victim is subjected to strong regimes of humiliation, insults or disqualification, affecting their self-esteem and self-confidence, and generating depressive behaviors.

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sexual violence

The sexual violence It occurs when a person is forced to have, against their will, any type of contact or sexual relationship. It manifests itself through harassment, abuse, rape or incest. This type of aggression is very serious, since it strongly damages the emotional stability of the person who suffers it.