Meaning of Fashion

What is Fashion:

Fashion is the value, image, or style that appears most frequently in a sample or group.

The fashion industry is dedicated to the creation and sale of clothing that will become a reference in the summer season following the launch, such as winter fashion. In this context, fashion is synonymous with style or trend.

Fashion clothes refer to the style that will sell the most in stores and therefore will be seen more often on the streets. The guidelines are defined by fashion magazines and established fashion firms.

Fashion in a broader sense is used to define an aesthetic typology such as vintage fashion, inspired by suede garments from the ’50s, or hipster fashion, a style that mixes the old with the new.

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In mathematics, the mode is the value that occurs most frequently in a sample. The final result is called the modal value.

Mode, mean and median

In statistics, the mode, the mean and the median are values ​​that are used to determine the behavior in a group:


The mode is the value with the highest frequency in the data distribution. If we take as an example a sample composed of the following 5 numbers: 3, 8, 2, 8, 1; the modal value is 8, since it is the one that is repeated the greatest number of times.

The mode is used to define the most common, what is most used or what is most frequent, in mathematical terms, the value with the highest absolute frequency.

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The mean is defined as the central tendency or average. To calculate the mean, all the values ​​in the sample are added and then the result is divided by the number of incorporated values. Taking as a sample the numbers: 3, 8, 2, 8, 1; the calculation of the mean is obtained as follows: 3+8+2+8+1= 22 and 22/5= 4.4. The mean of the group of 5 numbers is 4.4.

The mean is used to define the average of a group, such as the average grade of a classroom.


The median is the middle value of the data in a group. To obtain the median, the values ​​must be ordered from smallest to largest. To calculate the median of the group of numbers: 3,8,2,8,1 must first be ordered like this: 1,2,3,8,8. Then, since it is an odd group, the median will be the central number, in this case, the median is 3.

The median is used to determine the midpoint between two extremes.