Meaning of Feedback

What is Feedback:

Feedback is an English word that means feedback; we can use it as synonym of response or reactionor, from a more technical point of view, to refer to a systems control method.

In this sense, the feedback can be the reaction, response or opinion given by an interlocutor as a return on a certain matter: “I presented my report to the shareholders and the feedback It was very positive.”

See also Feedback.

On the other hand, as feedback we can name the system control method, in which the results obtained from a task or activity are fed back into the system in order to make the necessary modifications, either to control the system or to optimize its behavior.

As such, the term is used, in the latter sense, in specialized areas, such as administration, engineering, communication, psychology or electronics, among others.

The word comes from English, and is composed with the verb to feedwhich means ‘to feed’, and back, which translates into Spanish ‘back’ or ‘return’. Its translation can be ‘feedback’ or ‘feedback’.

Feedback positive and negative

Within a system, the feedback It can be both positive and negative, depending on the consequences it has within its operation. Thus, the feedback negative is the one that helps maintain balance in a system, counteracting and regulating the consequences of certain actions, while the feedback positive it is the one where the system grows or evolves towards a new equilibrium state.

See also positive and negative feedback.

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Feedback In communication

In a communicative processWhat feedback we call any relevant response or reaction that the receiver sends to the sender of a message, and that serves the latter to:

  1. Make sure that the message fulfilled its communicative intention, and
  2. So that the sender can vary, reconfigure or adapt the message to the receiver according to the response that is obtained from it.

Thus, for example, if the message is altered by some type of barrier (noise, distance, etc.), the sender will be able to increase the tone of voice until the receiver obtains the feedback affirmative that the message has arrived correctly. In this way, the receiver completes the communication process with the feedbackthat is, the receiver’s response or reaction to the message sent.

Feedback In business administration

In the theories of business AdministrationWhat feedback It is called the action of reviewing, evaluating and considering the performance of a person or group of people in carrying out a job or task. As such, it is an action that reveals the strengths and weaknesses, the positive and negative points, of the work carried out in order to correct, modify or improve it.

Feedback in psychology

In psychology, the feedback It is an interpersonal communication tool that allows us to express to our interlocutors, verbally or not, the effect that their words or actions have on us. The behaviors of individuals, in this sense, work within feedback loops, this means that the behavior of one person affects that of others, being that the first, in turn, will also be influenced by the behaviors that come from back, and so on.

Feedback in Electronics

In electronicsas well as in associated areas, such as electric engineeringis called feedback to the feedback of a system, which, as such, consists in the transfer of the output signal to the input of the same system or circuit, which results in an increase in the output level (feedback positive) or a decrease in the output level (feedback negative).

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Also, in a sound systemthe feedback It is the return of a fraction of the output signal of an amplifier or microphone to its input, which consequently causes a distortion of the sound produced.